Death Aemond Targaryen: Explore Details On How Does He Die, And Who Does He Kill!

This article states entire details about the House of the dragon episodes to understand about Death Aemond Targaryen. Follow our article to know further.  

Are you watching the House of the dragon series? Do you know about the death of Aemond Targaryen? If not, this article is what you need to look into. The 6th episode featured Aemond Targaryen. The House of the dragon series is pretty popular Worldwide.

Today in this blog, we will cover entire detail about the Death Aemond Targaryen and further details on the House of the dragon series. Follow the blog below to know more.


Death of Aemond Targaryen:

After the 10 years’ time jump, Aemond Targaryen was featured in episode 6 of the House of the Dragon, in which he had a major role to play, after which he died. As per the series, he was the 2nd son of Viserys and Alicent. While fans wanted to know How Does Aemond Die? Aemond Targaryen dies while fighting with Daemon Targaryen. 

As per the series, during a fight to get his dragon Aemond lost one of his eyes. But as time passes, war breaks out, and we can find Lucerys and Aemond are sent to seek some alliance with Baratheons at the storm’s end. Later getting out of the storm, he kills his cousin Lucerys as revenge for losing his eye. 

Who Does Daemon Kill?

In the episode of House of the dragon, it is seen that Aegon becomes wounded, due to which Aemond become the prince of Regent. After becoming the prince, he plans to take Harrenhal away from Daemon. Soon war breaks out between Aemond and Daemon. They both fought pretty hard in this battle. The results of the battle were against Aemond. As Daemon jumped onto Vhagar and stabbed Aemond’s eye while both Aemond and Vhagar fell into the lake, causing the death of Aemond.

How Does Aegon Ii Die?

After the demise of Visreys, a battle broke out between Aegon and Rhaenyra for the Iron throne. The battle of the song of ice and fire ended up with Aegon victorious, but the celebration was not much longer. After around 6 months, his men poisoned him to death. And later, the elder son of Rhaenyra became the new hire to the throne. While fans wanted to know How Does Aegon Die? He was poisoned by his men, causing his death.

Summing up:

This battle between Aemond and Daemon was quite furious, resulting in the death of Aemond, whereas Daemon’s body was never found. To get further details on Aemond death, press this link. This article shares details about the House of the dragon episode and further details to know How Does Aemond Targaryen Die?

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