7 Ways to Have a Radiant Smile

Have you ever wanted to walk into a room and make every head turn with your dazzling smile?

Well, you’re not the only one!

However, oral diseases and other dental problems often prevent people from having stark white teeth. In fact, 46% of adults over 30 have shown gum disease symptoms.

So if you wish to know the secrets behind a bright smile, then this article is for you!

1. Choose the right products

You will find numerous kinds of toothpaste and brushes in today’s market. But how will you know which ones to choose?

For starters, go for toothpaste containing fluoride, as it will help whiten your teeth and also prevent tooth decay.

And when it comes to choosing a good toothbrush, opt for one that contains medium-hard bristles.

If you buy a brush containing very hard bristles, you might end up hurting yourself while brushing. The ideal toothbrush should also have a smaller head, ranging from 2-3 cm.

2. Brush and floss every day

The next important tip is to brush and floss your teeth and gums every single day. Yes, it might sound like a horribly boring task, but you’ll have the healthiest teeth in the long run!

Brush twice a day to remove the accumulated plaque and stains throughout the day. Floss once at night after brushing to make sure no food particles remain.

Even after that, if you still feel that you have food stuck, brush once more using an electric toothbrush.

3. Eat healthy food

You might already know that food items like tea and coffee often stain the teeth. But many other items can actually give you whiter teeth!

Milk is one of the best nutrients for your teeth since it contains calcium and phosphorus.

If you’re a vegan, you can switch to broccoli or cauliflower, which are also rich in calcium. In addition, whole grains and hazelnuts provide carbohydrates that are gentle on the teeth and also provide nourishment. 

4. Quit tobacco

Suppose you haven’t started using tobacco products like cigarettes or other tobacco-based products; good for you! However, not only are they harmful to your body, but they also cause discoloration in your teeth and can even lead to oral cancer.

If you smoke, try to minimize it as much as possible so that you can ultimately quit it. Or, after every smoke, make it a point to clean your teeth and use mouthwash to rinse off any excess tobacco particles that might be stuck.

5. Visit your dentist regularly

This is probably the most important tip here. No matter how white or healthy your teeth are, it’s necessary to visit your dentist regularly and stay updated about your oral health.

You might not realize it, but even the whitest teeth can have underlying problems. So don’t compromise and book an appointment with the best Bachhus Marsh dentist if you’re Australian.

Getting your teeth checked every six months or so will help you to treat any dental problems before it’s too late.

6. Consider porcelain veneers

Unfortunately, not all teeth stains are caused by food or drinks. Many are caused due to oral trauma or even genetic factors.

In these cases, traditional teeth whitening methods won’t do the trick. Instead, go for porcelain veneers or dental bonding that use ceramic or composite resin.

Both these procedures can cover any dark stains on your teeth by covering the surface. Porcelain veneers are prefabricated, whereas dental bonding uses layers of composite resin.

You can also speak to your dentist about these processes or ask them to suggest any other suitable methods if you have any other issues.

They won’t suggest these processes unless you share your dental goal with your doctor. So, be straightforward during your consultation to figure out the best!

7. Chew on dental lozenges

One fun tip for maintaining a healthy smile is to chew dental lozenges. These candies have little to no sugar, which makes them a perfect choice for diabetic patients or people watching their weight.

They will freshen your breath and brighten your teeth within a few minutes! Moreover, these lozenges also have active ingredients that can detoxify your teeth and gums.

If you don’t know which dental lozenges to choose, buy the ones that are rich in vitamins C and D.

Over to you…

These are some of the easiest and most useful tips when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene and having a lovely smile. So try out these tricks and flaunt your smile wherever you go!

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