Top 5 Exchanges to Buy Crypto With Credit Card

Cryptocurrency (or virtual money) is becoming more popular among beginners, not just experienced investors. It’s accessible thanks to various crypto exchanges where you can buy currency and use it for such reasons as trading, buying at a lower cost and selling when its value increases, buying goods and services, or even protecting your funds against inflation.

But where do you buy cryptocurrency if you only have fiat money? Users can now purchase digital money with their credit or debit cards. We will disclose some of the best crypto exchanges where you can safely convert fiat money to cryptocurrency. After reading this article, readers should be able to choose the best site to buy cryptocurrency with credit card, depending on their requirements and specific needs.


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with great trading tools. Binance allows you to buy and sell hundreds of cryptocurrencies and buy crypto with a credit or debit card. The platform works on a variety of devices, including iOS and Android.

Binance deposits the new cryptocurrency directly into your Binance wallet after completing the transaction. However, you can transfer coins to your private wallet for safety measures. Binance provides a simple and secure way to manage crypto assets.

The platform accepts users from all over the world and has received positive feedback from the cryptocurrency community. Note: citizens of the United States must use Binance.US, which differs slightly from Binance.Global platform available to the rest of the world but is much more compliant with US trade regulations. However, even Binance.US is limited since it’s unavailable in 4 out of 50 US states. 

The platform has relatively high fees, but it’s a safe exchange. 


It seems that eToro is a perfect exchange for users looking to cut costs on fees. In reality, the platform doesn’t charge you a single penny for converting fiat money to crypto tokens! The only stipulation here is that your payment card should be in USD. 

You can issue a card in USD or create a virtual card if it’s possible in your country and convert the national currency to dollars. If you are from the United States, you will only need to make a $10 first-time deposit. eToro accepts MasterCard, Visa (and Visa Electron), and Maestro credit or debit cards.

When you use eToro as your primary exchange, you will have access to around sixty digital currencies. Tokens with a high market capitalization range from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Tether, etc. Consider using The Graph or Decentraland if you want to buy top metaverse crypto coins.

On top of that, eToro enables users to buy crypto using Paypal, Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller, ACH, and domestic bank wires. Nonetheless, once you’ve deposited your account with a credit card, you can buy crypto for a fraction of the cost since the platform has a low 1% fee.


Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency companies in the world, available in more than a hundred countries and serving over ninety million customers worldwide. It’s one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world, so it’s often the first choice of most customers. Coinbase offers various services, the most important of which is buying and selling cryptocurrency using a bank account, credit or debit cards, etc.

Coinbase fee structure became slightly more ambiguous when they removed specific fee amounts from their pricing and fees page. Although the actual costs may be comparable to previous Coinbase fees, you will not know the exact amount charged until the order is created. Thus, you still understand how much you should pay, but it has become more difficult to calculate costs beforehand. 


This platform provides clients access to around seventy digital currencies at low trading commissions. The range of currencies is regularly updated. Fees start at 0.26% for low-volume trades and gradually decrease as clients buy and sell larger volumes.

Credit cards have a transaction commission of 3.75%, so it’s not a cheap exchange. It’s expensive compared to eToro, which charges 0% in credit card fees. As a result, if you insist on using Kraken, you should think about depositing funds via ACH instead.


It’s one of the biggest European crypto exchange platforms with trading tools that offers more than 350 trading pairs for user convenience. WhiteBIT enables users to create an account, deposit in fiat currency with a credit or debit card, and convert fiat money to a chosen cryptocurrency.

The platform also has a decentralized exchange called WhiteSwap that operates on the Ethereum and Tron blockchains. WhiteBIT also has a peer-to-peer platform that hooks up buyers and sellers of crypto called Bitcoin Global P2P. The exchange has no hidden fees, and it’s easy to start using the website. To exchange fiat for crypto, you must create and verify the account.

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