The Best Things to Do on Your Maternity Leave

For an expectant or new mother, maternity leaves are a blessing. Maternity leave starts a few weeks before your baby is due. It lasts for a few months after the baby is born, depending on where you live. In any case, working mothers feel grateful for these maternity leaves. It gives them time to heal their bodies, bond with their new kids, and relax.

However, many women feel like they don’t have any structure. They are just constantly with their baby or sleeping. It can take a toll on their health. They need structure, which means doing a few fun and necessary things.

For instance, you can create a nursery for your baby before the baby arrives. Then, after the baby is born, you can give them a few minutes to read books and so on. Need more ideas? Try the ones listed below.

Things to do before the baby is born on maternity leaves

Take rest

Taking ample rest is optimal for your and your baby’s health. After the baby comes, sleep will be less. Therefore, you must rest and sleep well before. Also, sleeping has been challenging in the last few weeks before the baby comes. So, take a nap whenever you can and be energized.


If your doctor allows you to work out, ensure you do. Being active is good for your body, mental health, and the baby. You can do prenatal yoga, which is ideal for expectant mothers. Or you can ensure that you go on daily walks. Getting your steps in is an incredible way to stay fit during pregnancy. Lastly, you can try swimming, as it helps you stay fit. It also helps rid the heat you feel when pregnant. Get maternity swimwear for a good swim.

Get a maternity photoshoot.

Sure, you are taking photos of your baby bump every day. But having a photographer take a couple’s photo with the bump and accessories is always memorable. You don’t have to send the maternity photos anywhere. It is just for your private collection and to have memories of a beautiful journey.

Get the nursery ready.

After the baby comes, you will have sleepless nights burping, feeding, bathing, and cleaning. You will use the few hours you have available for chores, sleep, me-time, and other activities. Thus, getting the nursery ready before the baby arrives is essential. Complete it entirely by the time you enter your ninth month. Get everything necessary, like a bassinet, cleaning tray, feeding chair, and more. Also, ensure you get a car seat and stroller. Assemble them on time and fit the car seat once the baby’s due date comes near.

Things to do after the baby comes on maternity leaves

Be part of a mommy group

Sometimes, you feel lonely, especially when you are a new mom. Therefore, it is best to join a mommy group. Striking a friendship is easy. Also, you learn many things about caring for a child.

Arrange for a professional photoshoot.

Your baby will grow up pretty fast. Hold a professional photo shoot to ensure you hold onto the memories of his birth. They know how to take professional, cute photos of your babies. It is a memory that lasts for a long time.

Get a massage

Once your doctor allows you to take a massage, book it immediately. Postpartum massage has many benefits. It will help you relax, sleep, and also strengthen your muscles.

Get out of the house.

You don’t have to stay inside the house all the time after the baby arrives. Take your baby out and enjoy tea or coffee at the nearby shop. Meet friends or family. Remember, only do this if you feel like it.

Test the baby daycare plan.

You have to go to work at some point. So, when the last few weeks remain, test your daycare plan. It is something you need to sort out with your spouse before. Once you have a plan, whether it’s a daycare, nanny, or family looking after the child, test it.

These are suggestions, not a list every expectant or new mother has to follow. If you want to relax and sleep, do that. If you want to follow these ideas, do that. In short, listen to your body to use the maternity leaves to the fullest.

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