What Are the Different Types of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

We use many variants of cutting processes in different industries. Laser cutting is not an exemption. It is far and wide used for different applications such as metal, non-metal, and so on

Technologies that we looked up to as a traditional form of cutting has its own methods and processes that provide a complete innovative range of possibilities for manufacturing applications.

In general, there are three major types of lasers. They are:

1: Gas Lasers: It is also known as CO2 cutting. It uses an electrical simulation, i.e. CO2 combination intended for cutting. Gas laser cutting has its roots dating backside to olden times. Back at that time, the laser was not strong enough to cut metal. Though it is nowadays, the non-metals remain the speciality. The laser has a wavelength of 10.5 and is everywhere used in medical and manufacturing sections.

For cutting metals like aluminium and steel, it uses nitrogen. Given the results, it is sensible to take preventative measures and make sure that nitrogen is pure. If it is not, the metal may corrode.

2. Crystal Lasers:  Crystal lasers cover a wavelength of 1.060 meters, and you can use it for several manufacturing applications, along with medical, and manufacturing.

The disadvantage of using a crystal laser cutting procedure is that it is made of costly pump diodes. Up to that, they cover a shorter life expectancy in contrast to other lasers available in the marketplace. The service life is something like 8000-12000 hours. Amid time, the need to replace pump diodes or other parts can only cost you more.

3. Fiber Lasers: Here comes the fiber laser cutting machines, the trendiest and all over used process. Optical fibers are of a solid-state assemblage and are to a certain extent similar to crystal lasers. They also cover a wavelength of 1.060 meters.

In contrast to CO2 laser cutting, they offer faster speed, less power utilization, and significantly reduced operational costs.

What makes a fiber laser marking machine challenging is its service life. The lasers have a life of something like 25,000 operational hours, far more in contrast to the other two. It entails less maintenance. The replacement parts are reasonably priced.

With types, it is to a certain extent clear that laser technology is a high-tech equipment that requires skilled hands with refined tools

Different Laser Techniques

While we saw different types of lasers and laser cutting processes, there are many things that we can achieve with laser technology

  1. Marking: It is a procedure in which the laser melts the surface of the material and marks it.
  2. Engraving: It is to a certain extent similar to marking. On the other hand, here the mark created is somewhat deep. Barcode design is an instance of it.
  3. Drilling: It is a procedure that involves the making of popping holes and dents in the material.

What does it denote for Businesses?

The huge range of techniques means that fiber laser cutting machines stand for a revolutionary approach. 

The highest-rated powered laser cutting machines are made possible via the power of fiber and then CO2. The basis line is that it is manufactured in several sizes, strengths, in addition to speeds. This is made easy for manufacturing purposes, and to make sure that every requirement is met. The machines are created by way of lasers; this is to make sure that it cuts precisely throughout materials of all sorts. 

There are several ways in which you could assess one fiber laser marking machine to another. Machines are produced to be reasonable, and accordingly, there are those that you could not meet up in the values of performance. The laser cutting machines that you choose, must live up to their standards.

The fiber laser range is said to be high-tech and also has a few of the most up-to-date technology available. The machines are made by way of anti-crash protection; this is to make sure that your expenditure is equally considered. The technique of machines is said to be amazing and their functions are known to be outstanding. There is no optimal configuration that is required when it comes to these machines; this indicates that you would not need to set up geometric functions at all. 

The machine is well-known to be maintenance free, this means that you would be saving money and the machine would work out to be reasonable in the closing stages. The fiber laser machine stands out when you think about the robotics edition. On the whole,  the amazing combination in addition to the automation is laser edge cutting technology of its own accord.

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