Pnb Rock Girlfriend IG- More On His Daughter, Children, Cause of Death, His Real Name & Stephanie Sibounheuang Instagram

Read detailed consolidated facts unavailable elsewhere about Pnb Rock Girlfriend IG post anticipated to led PnB’s murder.

Did you hear about the death of the famous rapper PnB Rock in the United States? Did you know that social media sites were flooded with discussions on his death; many people paid him tribute and expressed their empathy? What were the circumstances of his death? Who is Stephanie Sibounheuang? How many family members did PnB Rock have?

Let’s read all the details about Pnb Rock Cause of Death in this write-up.

Cause of PnB death:

On Monday, 12th-September-2022, PnB Rock went to dine with his girlfriend Stephanie at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles at 621 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301, United States; which is located near the 100 block of Manchester Ave. 

Stephanie posted an Instagram (IG – video twenty minutes before the shooting incident. You can find several clips related to Stephanie’s dress-up, PnB appreciating Stephanie’s flawless outfit, pictures of PnB’s daughter playing, and most importantly, the pictures of their meals ordered at the restaurant.

In the video shared on Stephanie Sibounheuang Instagram at approximately 1:00 PM, she had tagged the restaurant’s location. The murderers took advantage of location information and reached there. They shot PnB at 1:23 PM. Video footage showed PnB lying on the floor in blood and security personnel surrounding him.

PnB was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1:59 PM. While PnB and Stephanie were at the restaurant, a black person entered and robbed PnB, after which the black man shot PnB.

About PnB:

PnB was born on 9th December 1991 at Germantown in Philadelphia, PA. Pnb Rock Real Name was Rakim Hasheem Allen. He was 30 years old. His father was shot when PnB was three years old. His mother raised him. He was convicted of committing robbery, fighting in school, and possessing drugs. 

PnB was sent for 33 months of imprisonment. He was homeless for some time after getting released from prison. He was unable to complete his schooling. 

He started his carrier in 2014. Rolling Stone named him in 2016 among – The 10 New Artists You Need to Know. He was also known as XXL Freshman Class, XXXTentacion, and Playboi Carti.

Pnb Rock Children and family:

His first daughter – Milan Allen, was born in 2013, and his second daughter – Xuri Li, was born to Stephanie in 2020.

Stephanie Sibounheuang, his girlfriend, is a famous fashion designer and founder of the Yi Minx clothing brand. She was born on 19th-July-2022. She is 31 years old. Her net worth is anticipated to be $1.5 Million. She lives in her own house. 


More than 500K people follow Stephanie’s IG account. She promotes brands like Cake Cosmetics and Cupcake Mafia on IG. She is ranked among the most popular fashion designer and elite list of famous celebrities born in the USA. She is the mother of Pnb Rock Daughter – Xuri Li. It is anticipated that murderers got information about PnB’s location from IG posts.

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