Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Salary- Details On ESPN Contract & Why did they Leave Fox? Who Is Joe Married To?

This post on Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Salary will inform the viewers about the salary and contract of Joe and Troy with ESPN Sports.

Are you updated timely with the NFL news? Do you know how much Joe and Troy get? Many people in the United States are overwhelmed after listening to the return of Aikman in the NFL season. Today we will discuss Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Salary so that your doubt gets clarified. Also, we will discuss other details like married life and their contracts. So, kindly follow this post till the end.

Salary of Troy and Joe

Per the latest news, Troy Aikman is returning to the NFL this season. However, the teams have not been switched. Reportedly, Troy will earn nearly $90 million in a five-year contract. On the other hand, Joe will earn approximately around 60 to 75 million dollars per season. Therefore, both the players regained the NFL’s glory, and their fans got excited to see them in Monday’s Night Football Match.

Did Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Leave Fox?

As per the latest update, Joe and Troy had left Fox Sports. It was officially announced a few months ago. They also reported that Greg Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt would replace Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. This duo had rocked the game’s glory as always, but then they left this sports network. Also, after leaving Fox sports, they joined another sports network, ESPN. Their fans were always excited to see their commentary together as both are the biggest commentators in the Football League. Like on Monday Night Match, people enjoyed their commentary. They both have signed ESPN Contract for five years.

Personal Life of Troy Aikman

Troy was born on November 21, 1966. He was a part of the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL (1989-2000). He once dated famous singer Lorrie Morgan, but later in 2000, he married Rhonda Worthey, and the couple had two daughters. They got separated in 2011. In 2017, Aikman married Catherine Mooty. Troy won many awards and titles in his NFL career, like Pro Bowl, Super Bowl Champion, National Champion, Man Of The Year, etc. He has joined ESPN after leaving FOX sports with his friend Joe Buck.

Who Is Joe Buck Married To?

Joe Buck, an American Sportscaster, was born on April 25, 1969. In 1993, Buck married Ann Archambault and had two daughters. In 2011, the couple declared their separation. In 2014, Joe married Michelle Beisner, ESPN Reported, and the couple had twin sons in 2018.


Summing up this post, we have informed our readers about the 5-year contract of Joe and Troy with ESPN. They have left Fox sports and joined hands with ESPN Sports. Also, we have discussed the personal lives of both commentators. We hope that this post has helped you in clarifying your doubts.

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