Neal Currey Passed Away: Details On His Wife Casey Currey, Kids And His Funeral. What Is The Cause Of His Death?

The guide shares details about Neal Currey to help readers know how Neal Currey Passed Away.   

Do you know the former army ranger and social media firearms influencer Neal Currey died on 10th Sept? Neal Currey served four terms in Iraq and one in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger. He died on 10th Sept at 42, as confirmed by his wife on social media. 

However, the cause of death is still unknown as the post has not shared the underlying causes.  After the post, many people in the United States were shocked and looking for more updates on how Neal Currey Passed Away.

How did Neal Currey Die?

It was a day of misery for the family of Neal Currey when they heard the news of his dismissal. Cassey Currey, the wife of Neal Currey, confirmed his release on her Instagram Post. She shared a picture with her daughter and confirmed the news of his death to family members and friends in the United States.

However, the family members and the social media post have not confirmed how he died. The social media post only shares that Neal Currey died on the 10th Sept and the cause of death is unknown.

About Neal Currey Funeral!

After confirming the dismissal of Neal Currey, his friends and family have created a fundraising page where people can donate, share memories and photos, and leave their condolences. However, the details regarding his funeral ceremony are unavailable on the page. 

The funeral plans are still in the discussion phase, and nothing is clear according to o the FB post of his wife. The social media post only shares the link for the fundraising page where fans and family can visit to pay their tributes and leave condolences for the deceased and his family. Neal Currey Wife Casey Currey, does not mention the funeral plans on her social media page. 

About Neal Currey Family!

Neal Currey was married to Casey Currey, and the couple had six kids. Neal Currey is survived by his wife, mother, and their six children.

The couple has four daughters, Faith, Remi, Mckenna, and River, and two sons, Jack and Cole. He is also survived by his mother, Delia. 

Neal Currey was a retired Army Ranger and completed five tour terms in the Middle East from 2004 to 2009. After retirement, he opened a gun store in Utah, Ready Gunner. The family was settled in Utah, and Neal Currey was having a good time with his family. However, Neal Currey Kids, his mother, and his wife were shocked after hearing his dismissal news.     

The news first popped up on the social media page of Casey Currey, the wife of Neal Currey. The new agency also confirmed the information on its official Twitter Page.


Neal Currey, the former Army Ranger, and owner of Ready Gunner, died at 42 on 10th Sept 2022, as confirmed by his wife’s social media post. The Army Ranger had a gun store in Utah, and all his fans and followers were shocked by the news and wanted to know Neal Currey Cause of Death.

The cause of death is unknown, and an investigation is still ongoing. Do you know how he died? Please share it in the comment section.  

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