Anthony Varvaro wife: What Is His Networth? How Did He Die? What Was The Cause Of His Death?

The guide shares details about Anthony Varvaro wife and the road accident that took his life. 

Do you know a retired Boston Pitcher turned Cop died in a road mishap on 11th Sept 2022? Anthony Varvaro, NY Port-Authority Police- Officer, died in crash on a wrong-way around New Jersey Turnpike areas while heading to World Trade Center on Sunday morning. 

Anthony Varvaro was 37 when he died, and the road accident happened on Sunday at 4.25 AM, as per New Jersey Police. Soon after the news circulated, many fans in the United States started searching for Anthony Varvaro biography to know more about his career and Anthony Varvaro wife.        

Who Was The Wife of Anthony Varvaro?

Anthony Varvaro was a pitcher in Main League Baseball. He retired from baseball in 2016, joined the Port Authority of NYC, and started working as a police officer. He was married to Kerry Ann Thomson. 

The couple tied the knot on 2nd Dec 2011 at Sacred Coronary Heart RC Church, West Brighton, United States. The couple is blessed with four children. His wife is an instructor at the Prall Center College. Kerry and his husband, Anthony Varvaro, are in the news because of the road accident where Anthony Varvaro lost his life. 

What is the Anthony Varvaro Cause of Death?

According to the police department in New Jersey, the police officer drove to the World Trade Center on the morning of 11th Sept 2022. Anthony Varvaro was driving his car and heading to the WTC, and the accident happened around 4.25 AM. His car, Nissan Maxima struck head-on by a Toyota RAV4 driven by Henry A Plazas. Henry was driving his car wrong-way in eastbound lanes when the accident happened.

The authorities confirmed that Anthony Varvaro car hit the concrete barrier, and both drivers died in the collision. The New Jersey Police is investigating the case to find out more details to know when and How Did Anthony Varvaro Die. After the collision, the bodies of both drivers were taken to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead. Their family members were informed, and they reached the spot.

About Anthony Varvaro’s Career and Net Worth!

Anthony Varvaro was a Main League Baseball pitcher and an MLB member. He played for Atlanta Braves from 2011-2014 and the first game on 24th Sept 2010 for Seattle Mariners. The final match he played as a pitcher was on 28th April 2015. 

Finally, he retired in 2016 to join as a police officer for the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York. But, How Did Anthony net worth was calculated is not clear. He was assigned to take over the World Commerce Heart Command at WTC, driving to the location when the accident occurred and taking his life. 

Anthony Varvaro earns via sponsorships and endorsements apart from his profession as a police officer. He received a one-year package as a pitcher of $600 000. After 166 MLB appearances, he received a salary of $2 million. 


Anthony Varvaro is a renowned name in the MLB world. He played pitcher and retired from baseball to join as a police officer. Unfortunately, he died in a road accident on 11th Sept that shocked Anthony Varvaro wife and his family member.  

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