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Did you know Michel Jasmin had an accident? Many people are not aware of the accident which happened to Michel Jasmin. When Michel talked about his accident on the show now, many people from Canada and around the world were curious to know about the accident and how he faced that phase of life. In this article, we will discuss Michel Jasmin Accident so that it could be easy for the readers to know more about Michel Jasmin and his accident.

Michel Jasmin’s Car Accident

During ‘La Tour,’ Gildor Roy interviewed Michel Jasmin, and Michel talked about his accident there. Michel said in 1973, he went through a car accident, leaving him paraplegic. Michel suffered for 48 years from Chronic pain, and he also stated that the accident changed him for a lifetime.

What is Michel Jasmin Age?

Michel Jasmin, whose birth name was Michael Jasmine, is 75 years old, born on 13 August 1945. Since 1968 he has been working as a Television host in Canada, Radio Host, and journalist. He hosted many talk shows named Michel Jasmin and variety shows. After two years of the car accident at CKCH, Jasmin became a director of programs. Again in 1987, he had another accident that resulted in his amputation.

Michel Jasmin Conjoint

Many people searched about Michel Jasmin’s personal life and his conjoint. People and his fans are willing to know about his conjoint. There are some controversies to know about the conjoint of Michel Jasmin. Still, we like to inform our readers that according to Michel Jasmin’s interview, he was dating someone for 9 years but is currently single and has no partner.

About Michel Jasmin Celine Dion

On 19 June 1981, for the first time during Michel Jasmin’s television show, Celine Dion showed up on Quebecker television. She also performed in a song that was Michel’s 100th show.


The article aims to provide information about Michel Jasmin’s accident and some personal information about Michel Jasmin. If you want to know more about the accident that Michel Jasmin faced, read here.

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