Jeffrey Dahmer Mother Death-Where Is His Brother Now? Did He Kill His Family? Did He Eat People? Read Here!

This article will share details of Jeffrey Dahmer Mother Death and his new upcoming Netflix series Monster. Keep reading.

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer? Why are people looking for information about her mother’s death online? Jeffrey, also known as Milwaukee Cannibal, again came into the headlines when Netflix released a web series on the serial killer.

People from the United States and the United Kingdom are looking forward to the Netflix series ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. It is the true story of Jeffrey Dahmer who died in the year 1994. Explore more in the below sections to know about Jeffrey Dahmer Mother Death.

Death of Jeffrey’s Mother

Joyce Dhamer, the mother of Jeffrey, died on 27th November 2000, suffering from breast cancer in California. After her divorce from Lionel, she moved with her younger son David to California and lived there for the rest of her life.  

She retired from her manager job in 1980 and joined human welfare cause teams to spread awareness about HIV. The recent Netflix web series had urged people to talk about Jeffrey’s mom. Hence, they go online to get the correct information about her.

Jeffrey Dahmer Brother Now

David Dahmer, is the younger brother of Jeffrey who is born in 1996 in Ohio. After the divorce of Jeffrey’s parents, David moved with her mother to Wisconsin. 

Later, looking at his brother’s actions, David changes his name and keeps his identity secret. In 2004 during the interview, his father Lionel said we promised him to hide his identity completely. However, his stepmother revealed that he has a good career.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill His Family

There have been multiple rumours that Jeffrey killed his grandmother Catherine as he lived with her after his parent’s separation. She died at 88 in 1992, with not much information available. 

Jeffrey was connected with his grandmother and lived with her till 1990. He committed several crimes, killing multiple people in the basement and practicing cannibalism. Catherine threw Jeffrey out of her house when she saw his actions.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Eat People?

As per sources, he was mentally ill, and after killing the people, he fed on them and sometimes conducted necrophilia with the dead bodies. Jeffrey also kept the body parts of the victims after killing them.


The new web series is based on the biography of Jeffrey, the Milwaukee serial killer, released on 21 September 2022. Have you watched the Monster? Write in the comment section. To read more about Jeffrey Dahmer Mother Death, you can visit to explore real story of Jeffrey Dahmer  

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