Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria: Know the latest release 2024

The content explains the latest information on Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria. Grab the information about the feud.

Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria song has set the internet on fire. Get details about the Euphoria track which was released recently. 

Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria

Have you heard the latest track of Kendrick Lamar? Do you know about the fight between Drake and Lamar? Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria was released recently. His fans Worldwide are curious about the song as the song is a diss track for Drake.

 The famous rappers Drake and Lamar have been involved in a fight for many years. Their fight reignited earlier this year and has become more serious. Let’s begin with this content to find out about the latest track by Kendrick Lamar. 

Kendrick Lamar Diss Track

Kendrick Lamar has recently released his new track. The track he is launching is Euphoria. As per the online reports, the track is a diss track which was released to give a response to Drake indirectly. 

Kendrick Lamar Diss Track

In the first six minutes of the song, Lamar called him a habitual liar and a master manipulator. Through his song he also attacked his parenting ability. Furthermore, she started rapping about his Canadian background and then made some racist remarks. He criticized features of Drake in his song. 

The Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria song came out as a response to Lamar and Drake’s ongoing feud. Through the lyrics, fans could easily decide that the song is dedicated to the famous rapper Drake. The fans of Drake have come in his support. Kendrick released his track and informed him about it through his instagram story.

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Drake Diss Kendrick Lamar Genius

Drake is a highly prominent singer who is known for his rap songs. Drake has been in this industry since 2001. The latter is trending after he was attacked by his contemporary singer Lamar. After Kendrick Lamar released his song in which he targeted Drake. He said various things about him and also commented on his parenting. 

The Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria song is available on YouTube. Originally, the song was released on Spotify. If you want to know the lyrics of the song, then you can refer to the YouTube channels which have uploaded the song with lyrics. 

The song is also trending with the keyword Diss Drake, which clearly means that the song is dedicated to Drake. Drake is popular with other names as well, such as 6 God, Champaign Papi and Drizzy. However, the feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has taken a new turn and has become more intense. 

 Brief Details about Drake and Kendrick fight

Kendrick and Drake are both undoubtedly marvelous rappers. The altercation between the two prominent singers started back in 2013. Lamar had asserted dominance over the rappers at that time when he appeared on Big Sean’s controlled track.

Brief Details about Drake and Kendrick fight

 In the same year, he took a dig at Drake and called him a sensitive rapper in front of the audience during a performance. After that, the feud between the two rappers started again when Kendrick made a guest appearance on metro and future billboard toppings. In April, Drake launched his diss track. 

In the song, he mocked the shorter stature of Lamar. Recently, Kendrick responded to Drake through Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria in which he scolded and criticized Drake in various ways. 

Wrap up 

Wrapping up with this article on Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake Euphoria, the latest track by Kendrick Lamar is available on Spotify. The lyrical song is available on YouTube, so you can find it there also. You can visit this link to learn more about Drake.

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