Prajwal Revanna Video Download: Latest Updates On The Leaked Viral Video Clips!

Do you know about the viral Prajwal Revanna Video Download links? This article highlights the entire timeline of that leaked mature content clips.

Are you the person who keenly watched all the political trending stories that went viral all over India and the United States? Recently, the Indian government has exercised its democratic rights by electing its prime ministers. 

Hence, there are many politicians whose scandals and controversies have popped up recently, and one of those is the politician Prajwal Revanna, whose mature content video got leaked, which has created lots of turmoil in the internet world. Hence, in this post, we will explain about Prajwal Revanna Video Download links in detail.

More details on Prajwal Revanna Video Download

Prajwal Revanna is a Janata Dal secular party sitting MP who contested the ongoing Prime Minister elections and is already serving his MP position. In this scenario, an obscene video leaked in the Hassan area, which is located in Karnataka, India.

More details on Prajwal Revanna Video Download

In that video, Prajwal seemed to be molesting and harassing many ladies without their permission, and that video became a viral sensation. 

Currently, the original video has been removed from the internet because it has created lots of problems in the political scenario, so the downloading options for the video have been turned off.

The trending Prajwal Revanna Video Clip

The mature content video clips popped up on the internet during April. In that video, we can see Prajwal misbehaving with many women around India. 

And here, the surprising fact is that nearly 200 videos were leaked on the internet, and in each video clip, Prajwal molested different women. Hence, his scandal created a huge problem, even leading to the suspension of Prajwal from his party.

The police officials quoted that, even in 2019, Prajwal’s mature video was leaked, and by calculating all his video content, the number of videos skyrocketed to 3000. Currently, none of the videos are available for users to view.

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Availability of Prajwal Revanna Viral Video Link

Availability of Prajwal Revanna Viral Video Link

The viral link has been removed from the government’s IT department because it was related to the pride and dignity of an MP. In addition to that, the people of the opposition political party started to use this opportunity to escalate the situation, so to maintain peace and stability, the video was entirely removed. 

Some social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit are making fake posts about sharing this viral. Everything seems to be bogus links that redirect to some harmful websites. Hence, we plead with all our readers not to fall for these fake internet posts.

The ripple effects

The ripple effects

The Prajwal Revanna Video Clip content reflected the fundamental nature of Prajwal to the people. The police case was filed over him, and the Women’s Commission has dealt with this case. The head of the commission released a shocking report that Prajwal has misbehaved with more than 200 women. In addition to that, he used to take pictures of the many women in an undressed manner. 

Since the case has been becoming more severe day by day, a particular investigation unit has been appointed to view this entire scandal. As the investigation proceeds, many details about the videos are also being released daily. 

After the incident, one day, Prajwal opened by saying all these were 4 to 5 years older videos, and now they are going viral. But from this statement, we can collect the data that Prajwal has at least admitted that the person present in the viral video is him.

Public reaction

The general public has lost confidence in him, and after this leaked Prajwal Revanna Viral Video Link incident, Prajwal’s homemaid complained to him that he molested and harassed her as well. Hence, more people are coming forward to tear his real face-off.

Even though the leaked content is inappropriate for people to view, it has helped everyone to know the true nature of that respective politician.  Karnataka Obscene Video Controversy: Hassan JDS MP Flees Country (

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