Jyothi Rai Video Leaked on Twitter 2024: Know Details! 

Go through this article on Jyothi Rai Video Leaked on Twitter and get the authentic information on the viral video.

Jyothi Rai Video Leaked on Twitter

Are you a fan of Jyothi Rai? Do you know why this actress is trending? The Jyothi Rai Video Leaked on Twitter is a trending topic on social media.

 Jyothi Rai is a renowned actress from South India. The actress is facing a bad time as someone leaked her private videos. The fact is unknown whether the videos are original or fake. However, the viral video of Jyothi Rai became viral in several countries, such as India, the United Arab Emirates and the United States

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Jyothi Rai Wikipedia

Jyothi Rai is a notable actress from Karnataka. The actress is prominent for her role in Supplier Shankara, Rise of Superhero etc.

 Jyothi was born on 23 February 1985. She took birth in Medikeri, Karnataka. She is married to Sukumar Poorvaj, who is a telegu director. It is known that Jyothi was earlier married to someone and later had a divorce.

 She has a child of 11 years old with her former husband. Jyothi is famously known for her daily soaps like Kinnari and Jogula. Her recent television show was Guppedantha Manasu, which is a telegu show. Jyothi Rai is not only famous in Karnataka, she is also popular in other parts of India. She works in other language such as Tulu, English, Hindi, Malyalam etc. 

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Why is Jyothi Rai trending on Reddit?

Jyothi Rai is a popular personality, and she has been in controversy for the past few days. The actress is facing a tough time as her private videos are leaked online. As per the online reports, Jyothi Rai has been receiving threats for the past few days from an unknown user on Twitter. 

The users were blackmailing her to leak her full videos on Youtube. The actress contacted police officials for the same. The video was later uploaded to platforms that went viral like a house fire on social media. 

The photos and videos that circulated online are offensive and intimate. The photos are not liable to be posted on a public platform as they tarnish the image of the popular actress. However, Jyothi has filed a complaint to the cyber crime department to stop the circulation of her viral videos on social media. However, the video was removed from the social media and online websites as the videos were intimate. 

Jyothi Rai video Instagram

Jyothi Rai is not only a famous actress but also a prominent social media influencer. Jyothi, on social media, is known for her bold looks and fashion. She has garnered thousands of fans on her social media. Jyothi’s account on Instagram has 469 thousand followers.

 She has published several posts on her account. She published her last post two days back. Jyothi has not published anything related to her viral video. She has not spoken about it on her instagram account or other platforms like Telegram. However, you may see her pictures and videos on her account. Her leaked videos are not uploaded on any Instagram account.


Jyothi Rai video Leaked on Twitter is a crucial topic as the famous actress has become a part of a viral scandal. The video was deleted from all the platforms, like Tiktok and no longer available. Jyothi has also filed a complaint regarding the same. You can visit this link to learn more about Jyothi Rai.

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