Micah Miller Pastor 2024: Who killed her? 

The content on Micah Miller Pastor will give you detailed information about Micah Miller Story, whose dead body was found in water.

The following article is about Micah Miller Pastor who was found dead in water on 27 April 2024. 

Micah Miller Pastor

Do you know about Micah Miller death? Have you heard about this case? The Micah Miller Pastor death case has been a trending topic in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

The case belongs to the ex-wife of a pastor whose body was found in water. The death of Micah Miller shocked many people and several people are trying to find out the murderer of Micah Miller. 

The case has spread to several parts of the world as it was highly mysterious when the news of her death broke out on the internet. Here you will know all the details about the Micah Miller case of death case.

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Mica Miller 911 Call

Mica Miller, on 27 April 2024, had made a 911 phone call to E911 Communications Center of Robeson County and asked if her location could be tracked as she was about to kill herself. She said that she wants her family to find her body after she is dead. 

Then she hung up the phone call and the dispatcher could not connect with her again. The officials tracked her location through her mobile and reached them. The officials arrived at Lumber River State Park and started searching for her. In their search, they found a black Honda Accord parked in the state park. 

According to Micah Miller Pastor details, The number of the car shows that it was registered in South Carolina. Now, the investigators were sure that the car belonged to Miller as she was from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Mica Miller Update

Mica Miller’s dead body was found in the water. The police found some belongings of Mica, which confirmed that it was her body. 

During the research, the officials found the search history of Mica, where she searched for national parks near her and the browser provided the location of Lumber River National Park where her body was found. Micah Miller Pastor had been separated.

 The report also states that the two were involved in the legal system. When the police investigated the location of her ex-husband, they found that he was not in the state during her death. Her ex-husband, John Paul Miller, was in Charleston at an athletic event along with his lover. The further investigation revealed that she was not murdered but committed suicide.

Micah Miller Story

Micah Miller’s story is known to many people as the news of her death was spread when her body was found in the lake. 

Finally, the police found that Micah’s death was a suicide, not a murder. She shot herself with a 9mm Sig Sauer handgun. During the Micah Miller Pastor investigation, the police found several clues about the gun. 

The handgun was found near her body. Also, the investigators found the same company gun case in her car alone. The officials also found a receipt of the gun in the car along with a receipt from a convenience store in the car. The two receipts they found are from the same date as her death. 


Mica Miller Suicide case is solved as the officials found that she was not murdered, but she killed herself by gunshot. The police revealed the information on Tuesday. The readers can find out the full story of her death here.

However, the reason behind suicide still remains under wraps. You can visit this link to learn more information about Mica Miller.

Disclaimer: We have gathered the information from trusted online sources. The reason of Micah’s suicide is still unknown.

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