Jabol TV Girl Twitter Video: Is It Getting Viral on TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE, Telegram & Reddit Networks? Find Here!

This write-up shares the details of the viral Jabol TV Girl Twitter Video. Recognize its impact and stick to the content till last.

Do you scroll down through videos on any social platform? There are several videos on the social networking site. But not all have useful content. Many users are posting explicit videos that are visually impacting several minds.

Similarly, Jabol TV Girl Twitter Video posted on the internet are gaining attention from the Philippines audience. This video became viral, and many people learned about the incident. Peel the knowledge below.

Disclaimer: We are neither promoting any incident nor supporting it. We are providing details only for educational purposes. 

What is the content in the Jabol TV girl viral video?

Tons of websites are getting multiple views due to unnecessary and explicit content. Jabol TV girl video became trending on several platforms like Twitter due to its body-exposing content of four Pinay girls. 

Several viewers are interested in watching this video. However, this video, also Viral on TIKTOKvanished from the site. Though, some sites did not red flag this content and kept it on their sites. So, the general public is sharing their disagreement and demanding to delete this video from each platform.

How to find the Jabol TV girl video?

The video of 4 Pinay girls exposing their skin seems available on varied sites. But, it is not easy to find it on a simple search. So, if you are looking for a video, you can search using the following keywords.

  • 4 Girl Viral 2023
  • Jabol Girls
  • 4 Pinay girl viral video 2023
  • Jabol TV Girls

What are people’s reactions?

Comments are flourishing on the Reddit platform. They are demanding to take action against all these girls. Social media users are unhappy with the visuals shared by these girls. 

People are asking to give these girls a hard punishment for posing for the camera by exposing their bodies. Some say this type of content may visually impact children because, in today’s time, social media are easily accessible to all age groups. 


What are people's reactions

Do you find four Pinay girls’ videos on Instagram?

Users of the Insta platform mentioned that Jabol girl’s videos are still continuously shared by several other users. People are rushing to watch it. However, there is no specific link available.

Some write-ups mislead to unnecessary links by luring the readers to watch the original video. 

But do not fall prey to this because the original video is currently not traceable. Consequently, the Telegram platform contains no posts regarding the Jabol girl’s video. 

Social media links





The Jabol Pinay TV girl’s video went viral within a limited period. It is available on some sites with very specific keywords. Numerous channels on YouTube are creating stories for this content. However, the original video is missing.



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Jabol TV Girl Twitter Video –FAQ

Q1. Who are the Jabol girls?

Jabol girls are TV girls from the Philippines.

Q2. What are the names of the Jabol girls? 

These are young girls. However, their specific names are not revealed. 

Q3. What is the viral video about?

The video of these girls is regarding their exposed bodies.

Q4. What is another name for these girls?

They are known as Pinay girls.

Q5. Who released this video?

It is not found

Q6. Is the video available on social sites now?

On some sites, it is available. However, a precise search is needed. 

Q7. Does the post exist on YOUTUBE?

No, the original video is not available. However, some channels are sharing the news.

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