Viral Scandal January 2023 Philippines: Has The Best Friend New Video Circulating in Social Media News? Get Facts Here!

The below post shares details and essential facts for the trending Viral Scandal January 2023 Philippines video.

Have you heard about the scandal which is currently going viral on the internet? There is not something new that any scandal is getting viral on the internet. For the last many years, many celebrities have faced many issues related to the leakage of private pictures on social media. 

Thus, this viral scandal has nothing new in it. So, people Worldwide want to know the details of the Viral Scandal January 2023 Philippines is all about.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in the post is derived from the internet. Thus, we are not responsible for any false information.

What is the January 2023 viral scandal all about?

Currently, a new video is getting viral on various social media platforms with Jaboltv Girls for Girl Viral 2023. The content of the video is sensitive and unusual; thus, it is hard to search for users on the internet. 

We know that internet users curiously want to watch this video, but it is not easily available on the internet. To watch this video clip, the users have to search the video with some specific keywords; only then will they be able to watch it. 

 Is New Scandal in Social Media 2023 Video available on Twitter?

The clip contains some explicit content. Thus, people are searching the video on various social media platforms. As the video contains sensitive content, it is banned by the authorities on social media, so we can find the link to the video on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

If you want to watch the clip, you need to search for the video with specific keywords. So, now we cannot fetch the 29th June Video on social media platforms because it has unusual content. 


 Is New Scandal in Social Media 2023 Video available on Twitter

Why is the video trending on all social media platforms?

The video has some unethical content, due to which it is searched by approximately—10,000,000,000 people around the world. Many people on social media platforms search for this and the Best Friend video, which is trending on social media platforms. 

However, we searched for the video on various platforms but could not fetch the video links.

Social Media Links-


This video is gaining mass popularity on social media platforms because it contains explicit content. So, people are widely searching the video clip on social media platforms. But the video has sensitive content. Thus, according to the government guidelines, it is restricted from social media platforms. So, you only find the clip by searching with some specific keyword. 

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Viral Scandal January 2023 Philippines– FAQs

Q1. How many viewers does the video have?

Ans. The video has approx— a thousand viewers. 

Q2. Is posting unusual content on social media platforms allowed in the Philippines? 

Ans. No, posting such content on any social media platform is strictly prohibited in the Philippines.  

Q3. Has any action been taken against the person who posted this video?

Ans. No, we don’t have much information about the action against the person who posted this video. 

Q4. Where this video clip was first posted, and is it still available there?

Ans. The video clip was first posted on Twitter and is now unavailable.

Q5. Do the authorities identify the girls in the video?

Ans. No, authorities haven’t found the girls posing in the video.

Q6. What is the age of the girls who are in this video?

Ans. The age of the girls hasn’t been disclosed yet, but it seems that all four girls in the video are below 20.

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