[Updated] Angelina Chaves Torres Obituary: Check Wikipedia To Know Her Detailed Biography! Curious To Know Boyfriend Details! Check TWITTER & Instagram News!

The article briefly describes the Angelina Chaves Torres Obituary crucial data about her life journey and family details.

Do you know about Angelina Chaves’s Obituary? In recent times, this has become a trend. Angelina died on 24 July 2020. But after her death, people are trying to find her Obituary for the movie “Christmas with You.” Many people have already watched the film in the United Kingdom.

Her family members has not disclosed the death cause yet, but many think she died from a natural cause. At the age of 82, she died. Today we will discuss Angelina Chaves Torres Obituary

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Disclaimer: We don’t promote or encourage any death news. We just describe the information from various trendy media and social media sources. You can check social media links in the social media section. We also don’t find any personal social media links of her. So, we are unable to provide Angelina’s unique social media link. 

How She Died? 

While people were searching for Angelina’s death, they were surprised that her family didn’t disclose any reason for her death. But as per the medical report, it is believed that she died naturally. 

What do you know about her Obituary? 

While we are searching her Biography, we find her written Obituary on the internet. According to the obituary report, Angelina was born on 2 October 1938. She grew up in Hayden, Arizona, in her childhood. 

Angelina died in July 2020 in North Hollywood, California. Her funeral was done in Valhalla Commemoration Park and Funeral Home.  

Family Matters of Angelina

According to the internet information, Angelina’s father was Octaviano Duran Chavez, and her mother’s name was Soedad Romo Chavez. Angelina had a happy and big family life. Her daughter are- Sylvia Brill, AnnaMaria Ybarra, Angelina Cannon, Yolanda Torres, Elishevah Elsa Torres and one son German Torres Jr. 

We don’t find any news about Angelina or about her Obituary on the social media platform Twitter. But people want to know about her for the movie Christmas with You. In this movie Angelina’s son Torres Jr. has used the mother’s name many times. Later he described it as a tribute to her mother. 

The Other social media and Background 

We find some posts on Instagram on Angelina. On this social media platform, Angelina’s son German Torres Jr. has posted about Angelina and some memories as well. On this platform, you can find the post at “Gmtfilms” on the right side of Angelina’s image. 

Angelina has been a married woman for the last 50 years. She had a loving and caring husband, German Torres Sr. But we don’t have any information about her past relationship status or boyfriend on the internet. We only have her family details, which we already discussed above. 

The List of Angelina’s Biography

  • Name/ Full Name- Angelina Chaves Torres 
  • Nickname- No Data
  • Profession- Do information. 
  • Date of Birth- 2 October 1938
  • Zodiac Sign-
  • Age- 82
  • Birthplace- Hayden
  • Nationality- American
  • Marital Status- Married 
  • Wife Name- Don’t arise
  • Partner Name- Unknown

Other Information about Angelina


Other Information about Angelina

We are searching for other information about her. We need to have a clear clue about her ethnicity, but as per the name is concerned, she had a Spanish connection. Angelina was a citizen of the United States. She was a Christian believer as well. 

We also need more information to track Angelina’s early life, schooling, and qualification status. We need to get data about her Boyfriend before the marriage. But we find she had great married love with her husband and children. 

Angelina’s son, the famous filmmaker, has recently made a movie dedicated to her mother, Angelina. The film is directed by Gabriela Tagliavini and cast by Freddie Prinze Jr and Aimee Garcia. 

Wikipedia Facts and News on social media

We don’t get any Wiki information, but we find some social media links to her.




Based on her obituary information, she was born on 2nd October 1938 and her funeral was done in Valhalla Commemoration Park and Funeral Home. Due to a lack of data, we keep some information about her private. But you can check the official trainer about the movie dedicated to her

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Angelina Chaves Torres Obituary– FAQ

1) Who is Angelina Chaves Torres? 

The mother of famous filmmaker German Torren Jr. 

2) When Angelina died? 

On 24th July 2020. 

3) What was her age at the time of death?

Angelina was 81 or 82 years old at the time of death.

4) What was her husband’s name? 

The name of the husband was German Torrens. 

5) Was Angelina active on social media?

No, we don’t find any personal social media links to her. 

6) What is the reason for death? 

It is believed she died a natural death.

7) Is the death reason announced by her family? 


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