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Are you looking for Daejhanae Jackson’s complete details? Want to find out who she is? Want to know the current reason for her trending over the internet platforms? Here let’s find out the connection between Dawjhanae Jackson’s connections with Shanquella’s death. 

Well, it’s pretty evident that after the death of Shanquella Robinson, people from all over the Worldwide are protesting against her death on social media platforms. Thus, to find out Daejhanae Jackson Charlotte Nc Ig link and updates read now.

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How is Daejhanae Jackson connected?

After Shanquella Robinson, a 25 years old Businesswoman’s mysterious death, people are suspecting Daejhanae Jackson to be the main culprit behind our death. Recently, an assault video of Shanquella circulated on social media platforms.

The sources claim that the person assaulting Shanquella, as witnessed in the video, was none other than her friend Daejhanae Jackson. She can be a witness to beating Shanquella brutally in the video. 

Daejanae Jackson deactivated her Instagram and other social media accounts after the incident. The links to the social media content are shared below.

What Caused Shanquella’s death?

The sources claim that Shanquella Robinson went on a trip with her friends on 28th October 2022 to Coba in Mexico. Unfortunately, her death news came within 24 hours of that trip. Her friends claimed that she died due to alcohol poisoning.

After her death, her parents contacted the FBI for further investigation. Reports from the FBI claim that Shanquella sustained severe injuries on her neck and spine. Also, internet users uploaded some screenshots of Daejanae Jackson’s Linkedin page after the assault video of her went viral.

Shanquella’s Obituary details

The news of Shanquella’s death spread amongst internet users after her assault video of the deceased went viral on social media platforms. Her death is undoubtedly mysterious, and people are flooding the internet platforms with #Justiceforshanquella quotes. 

According to sources, the body of Shanquella was carried on Thursday, and the funeral is scheduled for the following Thursday.

Shanquella: Family & more

  • Father- Bernard Robinson.
  • Mother- Salamondra Robinson.
  • Brother- Not known.
  • Sister- Not Known.
  • Children- Not available.

Is she married?

According to sources, Shanquella Robinson was unmarried.

The Twitter users also shared the social media details of her friends who were present with Shaquella Robinson on the night of her death.

Shanquella Robison: Biography

The table has complete wiki details on Shanquella Robinson. 

Real Name Shanquella Robinson.
Occupation Business Women.
Date Of Birth 1997 (exact date not known).
Birth Place Charlotte, North Caroline.
Partner’s Name Not available.
Zodiac sign Not Known.
Age 25.
Nationality American.
Marital Status Unmarried.
Ethnicity African- American
Boyfriend Her boyfriend is unknown, but as per the sources, she was dating someone

Reddit users have also reacted to Shanquella’s death. A Redditor shared a post and said Shanquella Robinson died at Cabo, and her mother wants an answer.

Shanquella: Career & More

  • Career- Details for Shanquella’s career are not available.
  • School– Are School is unidentified.
  • Educational qualification– Not known.
  • Early Life– The status of her early life is not present.

Netizen’s reactions

Internet users were too angry after the assault videos of the deceased got viral. People are posting numerous amounts of posts with the hashtag #Justiceforshanquella. A Twitter user even posted that an employee of Blue Rhino, Daejhanae Jackson murdered Shanquella Robinson.

Who Is Daejanae Jackson?

Daejanae Jackson is a friend of Shanuella Robinson, the deceased. According to sources, Daejanae is an aspiring healthcare professional, and she passed out from Winston Salem University. She is presently working at Blue Rhino. 

She has been in the news because an assault video of her went viral on the internet. The video contains Daejanae hitting the deceased Shanquella Robinson mercilessly.

Social Media- Links


Interested persons can watch the video for more updates on the news of Shanquella’s mysterious death.

Have you watched the assault videotape? Please comment.

Daejhanae Jackson Charlotte Nc IgFAQs

1 – Who is Daejanae Jackson?

A friend of Shanquella Robinson.

2 – Who was Shanquella exactly?

She was a Businesswomen from Charlotte.

3 – What happened to her?

She was declared dead a day after she went on a trip to Coba in Mexico.

4 – What is the real cause behind her death?

Not yet discovered.

5 – What is Daejanae Jackson’s profession?

An aspiring healthcare worker works at Blue Rhino.

6 – Did Shanquella sustain any injuries?

Yes, she had injuries on her neck and spine.

7 – What is Daejhanae Jackson’s Ig link?

Presently, her Instagram account has been deactivated.

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