Izzy Ashburn: Is This Wisconsin Volleyball Player Twitter Or Reddit Account for Which Leak Scandal Video, Images, Photos, Pics are Trending?

To check the details on Izzy Ashburn and how she is connected to the Wisconsin incident, read this blog until the finish

Do you want to know the details for one of the Volleyball players of Wisconsin? Was she the victim of the Wisconsin volleyball leaked photography incident? Want more details on her achievements? This article will help you to grab all the necessary details of the Wisconsin valley team’s present members. 

So without any doubt, give a quick read of this article now. Also, find out why this player is trending Worldwide for now. Thus, to know more about Izzy Ashburncontinue reading here.

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Who is Izzy?

Izzy is known as a present player on the Wisconsin university Volleyball team. She is the Tri – captain of the 2022 team. The player in 2022 has a record of starting a total of sixteen matches and playing for a total of fifty-seven sets. 

In 2021, Izzy played for twenty-four sets. The player is trending on the news due to Leak Scandal Video and photo. The whole team was completely taken aback by the incident and complained to the authorities UW athletic authorities immediately after the Pictures went viral.

Social media accounts of Izzy

Their social media accounts of Izzy are mentioned below:-

Instagram– User name @izzyashburn.

TikTok– Presently, the link for Twitter is unavailable, but her Twitter username is @izzyashburn11.

twitter– The Twitter link of the user is @izzyashburn2

Wisconsin Volleyball Player incident

As the images of the private parts of the Wisconsin university player circulated on the internet, the UW- University of Wisconsin took swift Action on the issue. 

After one of the team members witnessed the viral video of the players, she immediately informed about the same to the UW. The authorities of UW took immediate Action regarding the same matter by posting a post on Twitter for the same. 

The post on Twitter explained the privacy invasion of the students. The post also shared that the act is considered a violation of criminal statutes and an invasion of the university’s policies.

Comment of the Badgers Coach on the incident

According to various sources, the present coach for the female Volleyball team, Kelly Sheffield, stated that he fully supports the students in the leaked Photos incident. The players won’t face disciplinary Action for the same act. 

What Action did the UWPD take?

The various reports state that after instantly being informed regarding the matter viral pictures incident of the Wisconsin university students the Police department of UW took instant Action. 

The UW-Madison Police department tried to find the culprit who leaked the Images of the innocent girls. Suspended the culprit’s account from all the social media platforms from which the videos were being leaked.

Who is the alleged culprit behind the incident?

The alleged culprit for the incident is mentioned as an account holder in the name of @Itsfunnydude11 on twitter and reddit. The user’s or culprit’s real identity is still hidden, as unidentified who leaked those videos. 

The UW- Madison Police Department is working to real the identity of the culprit, but both the social media accounts of the culprit are suspended. Below the readers can find the blurred Pics of the leaked content. Due to privacy reasons, we cannot share the details of the original video links here.

A few video links are still available over the internet, but we cannot provide the links for maintaining the privacy authorization.

Response on the social media platforms

The response on the social media platforms is presently unavailable as the social media authorities took instant efforts to delete all the related Wisconsin university leaked content.

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Wisconsin volleyball team incident’s Reddit responses- FAQs

Q1. What is the Wisconsin university incident all about?

Ans.  Recently, the private images of Wisconsin university students leaked.

Q2. Where were the images taken?

Ans. The girls took the images in the Wisconsin University locker room.

Q3. Who took those images?

Ans. The student took the images.

Q4. How is Izzy connected to the leaked photographs?

Ans. Even Izzy was part of the leaked image incident, as even her image was present in the video.

Q5. Who is @IszzyAshburn?

Ans. Izzy is the tri-captain of the Wisconsin female volleyball team.

Q6. What is the name of the culprit behind the incident?

Ans. The real name of the culprit is unavailable, but according to the sources, the images leaked from the user’s account are mentioned as @Itsfunnydude11.

Q7. Is the link for the culprit’s account still available?

Ans. No, the account has been suspended; thus, no link for the same is present.

Q8. Are there any reddit responses available on the incident?

Ans. No, no responses over the reddit platform are present for the incident.

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