Thutucnhangiai2022 Com: What Is Thu Tuc Nhan Giai 2022

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Do you know about Thutucnhangiai? Have you tried this website? Thutucnhangiai is an online platform where you can win several gifts.  There are many online sites that offer free prizes to the participants. Thutucnhangiai is one among them. Several people from Vietnam have heard about this site and are excited to know about it.

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What is Thutucnhangiai?

Thutucnhangiai is an online site that offers you prizes after filling in the codes. The website will provide you code that you have to fill in the box given below in the website footer.  The website is developed for winning fun prizes. The prize includes gift vouchers and material items as well. The website is well-known by thousands of people from different countries.

People are confused about whether the site works or it is a scam. The user needs to fill in the five-character code in the box given on the website. So let’s read the post further to get more information about this website.

Thu Tuc Nhan Giai 2022

On the Thutucnhangiai website, you will receive a code and you have to enter it in the box. Following are the steps to fill the code: 

  • The system will send the winning code to your Facebook messenger.
  • After receiving the code, you need to copy it.
  • On the Thutucnhangiai website, you will see a box below. Click on the box then an empty box will appear.
  • Paste the code. If the code matches, then only you can proceed with the further procedure. 
  • If the code matches you can win a prize like a Honda scooter and a gift voucher.

Is Thutucnhangiai2022 Com legit? 

  • Registration date: 21 October 2022
  • Expiry date: 21 October 2023
  • Trust score: 1% 

The above data shows that Thutucnhangiai is not a site to trust. The website is also not available on other online review sites. 

In a nutshell

The trust score of Thutucnhangiai is one percent only. The site was registered a few days back. As per these factors, we can conclude that the site is not legitimate. You can visit this link to learn about scooters.

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Thutucnhangiai2022 Com: FAQS

Q1. What does his website offer?

This website offers amazing prizes on behalf of codes.

Q2. Is this site fake?

Yes, according to the legitimacy factors discussed above the site seems fake.

Q3. What is the trust score of this site?

The trust rate of Thutucnhangiai is 1%.

Q4. When will this site expire?

The site will expire on 21 October 2023.

Q5. Who is the owner of this site?

The website is registered by Mat Bao Corporation. There is no information about the owner of this site. 

Q6. What prize do Thutucnhangiai offers? 

The site offers gift vouchers of 200 million VND and a scooter for the first prize winner. Other prizes are as per the position.

Q7. Is Thutucnhangiai2022 Com trustworthy?

As per our research, we can’t trust this site. 

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