How Did Everleigh’s Soutas Dad Die: Who Is Her Real Dad? What Happened To Tommy Smith And Labrant Family? What Is The Cause Of Death?

How Did Everleigh’s Soutas Dad Die? will help you understand Tommy’s death and how his relationship with his daughter.

Do you want to know what happened to Everleighs father? Fans of the well-liked YouTube vlogging channel worldwide The Labrant Family were shocked to learn about Everleigh Labrant’s tragic death. Everleigh, Savannah’s child from a previous relationship with Tommy Smith, lives with both of her parents. 

Her girlfriend announced his passing in an Instagram post. Smith revealed to everyone that his age was 29 through his girlfriend, Courtney Santaella. His girlfriend claims that he passed suddenly on September 9. To know How Did Everleigh’s Soutas Dad Die? Read below.

What is the Cause of Tommy’s Death?

The news of Tommy’s passing shocked Tommy’s girlfriend, although she has not revealed the reason for his death. However, news of his demise first circulated in tiktok. A source claims that he passed away due to a seizure brought on by drugs, according; according to the father of a child who was in California when his death, Tommy, resided in Orange-county when he was alive. In a heartfelt Instagram message on Friday, September 9, his girlfriend Courtney expressed relief at his passing. He maintained to be involved in his daughter’s life.

What Happened to the Labrant Family?

Everleigh’s mother and Savannah Labrant Smith were divorced, but Savannah Labrant Smith remained active in Everleigh’s life. The Labrant family community is saddened by Smith’s loss and his links to the YouTube family as Everleigh’s father. 

He was stationed in California, working for the architecture and design firm Khandroo Designs at 29. lost their life. He shared a home with Courtney Santaella, her girlfriend. Smith presented himself as a devoted parent in his online presence, a lover of the outdoors, and someone with a bit of a wild side about which his friends teased his daughter.

Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad Death: Why Savannah and Tommy got Divorced?

In a video posted to the Labrant family channel in 2018, Savannah said that her connection with Smith was quite toxic. Savannah said the couple would constantly fight, break up every several months, and then reconcile. 

She said that Tommy had cheated on her twice, first when she was expecting their daughter and once more while she was a little child. He ended their relationship and remained friends to co-parent Everleigh properly. But she said, “He’s still a kind man.” He is a good father to her kid and adores her. What Happened to Everleigh’s Real Dad, shock the Labrant family.

Final thought 

The news of Everleigh Labrant’s sad death shocked viewers of the popular YouTube vlogging channel The Labrant Family. Savannah Labrant Smith and Everleigh’s mother divorced, although she stayed involved in Everleigh’s life. However, the source claims that he passed away due to a seizure brought on by drugs. For more information, click here.

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