{Full Watch} Guppy Pizza Viral Video Leaked On Twitter: Check Details On Popular Kulhad Mms!

The Guppy Pizza Viral Video Leaked On Twitter, causing a massive MMS controversy. Uncover the truth of Guppi Kulhad trending post now.

Have you heard about the latest online sensational guppy pizza video? It is sweeping across the audience in India. It captivated attention and sparked a debate among the watchers. People are curious to know facts about the Guppy Pizza Viral Video Leaked On Twitter

Several reports have covered this news, but not all clarified the actual details behind this leaked footage. This post will provide every detail for perfect learning.

Facts on Guppy Pizza Viral Video Leaked On Twitter 

A Jalandhar couple became famous with their unique Kulhad Pizza. Unfortunately, they found themselves in an unexpected controversy when a private video of Gurpreet Kaur, who leads the favourite Guppy Kulhad Pizza, started circulating on the internet.

The video was posted on the Twitter platform and got public attention. The title mentions that it is a Guppy Pizza MMS video. We need to investigate both the video’s content and whether Gurpreet was actually involved. Keep reading to get a clearer picture of this situation.

The content of Guppi Viral Mms footage

The origin and what is inside the viral MMS footage have stirred curiosity among the watchers. It is now a hot topic on the internet. Though the title suggests that the video contains a private moment of Gurpreet, the couple claim that the video is unreal.

People are interested in watching the original video now for clarification but need help finding it. It is because the video has been labelled as X-rated, so it’s not suitable for everyone.

Still, some clips have been circulating. Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video is hidden from media by the moderators for misleading and inappropriate content.

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Did the Couple respond to the viral post?

Sehaj Arora, husband of Gurpreet and an owner of Kulhad Pizza, addressed the viral video incident through his Instagram post. In the post, he denies its authenticity and believes it is a result of artificial intelligence manipulation. 

It has caused a lot of attention, even though some fans remain unconvinced. The couple reacted with surprise upon discovering the video and filed a police report in Jalandhar, alleging blackmail.

Actions and allegation on Guppy Viral Video  

The couple claims that the video was leaked along with the demand for money from an anonymous blackmailer. Instead of giving in the money, the couple choose to seek justice. Legal channels did not respond promptly, but raising public attention boosted the investigation process. 

The officers then confirmed and clarified that the viral Guppy MMS video was unreal and manipulated to spoil the couple’s reputation. Public attention on the video is on high, and they responded to it immediately. Let us check what they want to say about this footage.

Guppy Pizza viral video Public reaction 

The Guppy Pizza Viral Video Leaked On Twitter led to a big online reaction, highlighting a worrying rise in digital crimes. People were upset about sharing private stuff and talked about how internet users should be more responsible. They also talked about how it might affect the couple’s life.




In conclusion, the Guppy Pizza Viral Video caused a massive controversy. The Jalandhar couple, known for their unique Kulhad Pizza, faced undue enquiry and blackmail attempts. Officers have now revealed that it was manipulated AI-generated content. 


The incident shed light on the responsible internet use and risks of sharing private content.

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