{Full Watch} Guppi Viral Video Leaked on Telegram: Is Pizza Couple Mms On Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter?

The article shares information about Guppi Viral Video Leaked on Telegram, their Mms, Kulhad Pizza, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter news.

Have you ever tried the Arora couple’s stall food? A piece of Viral news from India is circulating over Instagram and all over the internet. People shamed the couple for their viral video. In this article, you will get to know the details about how Guppi Viral Video Leaked on Telegram. People have a lot of questions about this controversy, and we are here to shed light on the case.

Why Guppi Viral Video Leaked on Telegram?

Guppi’s video leaked on Telegram because it has the famous Kulhad pizza couple. According to the statement of the victims, the explicit video was shared on the internet to defame them as they refused the demand of the culprit.

The Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video got a lot of attention on social networking sites as the couple is one of the popular street food makers. Once the video was posted on a social networking site, it took no time to go viral.

Who are the Guppy Pizza Viral Video couple?

The names of the couple are Gurpreet Kaur and her husband, Sehaj Arora, from Jalandhar. People who are active on social media platforms can easily recognize them from their many viral Instagram food videos.

They started their food stalls as a newly married couple with a variety of pizza fusions. Many food vloggers used to visit their stalls, and they got the name of a Kulhad pizza couple.

Statement of the couple on Guppi Viral Mms

Arora, husband of Gurpreet, posted a video on his Instagram. He said that a few days back, they got a DM with a threat where the culprit sent them the AI-generated explicit video of them on Instagram.

The culprit stated that he would share the video if the couple did not give him money. But the couple refused, and in return, the culprit posted the fake video online.

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Netizens’ Reaction to the Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video?

First, people believed that the video was real and showered the couple with hate comments and disbelief. Netizens thought it was a publicity stunt.

But when netizens got to know that Guppi Viral Mms was fake and the culprit blackmailed the couple, the internet took their side, and their fans supported them. Their fans asked them to ignore all the hateful comments.

Did the person who posted the Guppy Pizza Viral Video get caught?

According to various reports, it is stated that the police have caught the person who blackmailed the couple and posted their fake video after the inspection and investigation on Twitter

But we would like to inform the readers that no official comment was released from any authorized people involved in this controversy. So, help back until the official statement is released on Twitter or other platforms.

Many YouTubers also covered this news on their YouTube channels and told what they felt about the situation.

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People are visiting other platforms like Youtube to get all the related information. The couple has turned off their comment section on Instagram to ignore all the hate and explicit comments.

Will the culprit get punished? Comment below with your thoughts.

Disclaimer: As Tiktok is banned in India, we could not collect any information from there. And this article has no intention to defame any individual.

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