[Watch Link] Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Download Link: Is The Couple Clip Real?

Find more about the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Download Link news and get complete updates regarding the Real Couple Leaked Footage.

Are you aware of the viral Kulhad Pizza Couple leaked video? How did the video go viral? 

The article will clear all the relevant queries of each reader here. This viral video has grabbed a lot of attention, especially in India and Canada. In the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Download Link blog, we will discuss the complete content of the viral footage.

Details: Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Download Link!

A viral video of Sehaj Arora and his wife Gurpreet Kaur is trending on the internet platforms. The relevant edited links for the video are still circulating over the social media sites. However, the unedited and original links were taken down after a complaint by the famous couple. Such content is completely offensive and violates the privacy of the popular social media couple.

Is the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real?

A video of the couple is shaking the internet world and is circulating all over various social media platforms. The video reveals some private moments of a couple belonging to Punjab, which is quite demeaning for them. However, Sehaj Arora stated in an interview that the video was fake made using an AI tool. He further mentioned that the footage doesn’t share real facts or content.

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How did the Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Download circulated?

The insiders didn’t provide any details on how the explicit content of the famous couple went viral yet. However, Sehaj Arora stated that they had already filed a complaint against the wrongful act. Most of the relevant unedited video links are taken down from the internet platforms. Sadly, few of the edited links are still available on the internet.

What does the viral video content shows?

The original Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Download Link was taken down from various internet sites as the footage revealed some explicit content. The video showed Gurpreet Kaur, the famous lady of the Kulhad Pizza Couple, in an intoxicated condition. She is lying down wearing red wedding bangles in an intoxicated state. However, the man in the video is blurred, and people can only listen to his voice through the video. 

Is the Content Of the Video Offending?

People all over the internet platforms are quite inquisitive to know is the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video is Real or fake. The shared video is marked as a mature and explicit content video as it provides glimpses of some private acts. Mr. Sehaj Arora, the alleged man in the video, stated the video to be false. But the edited version of such an offending video is still capturing a place on social media websites. Completely private and intimate moments are shared throughout the whole video.

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The Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Download news is indeed quite trending as of now. Mr. Sehaj Arorea also shared his statements for the explicit video in an interview. Also, everyone should stop circulating the indecent video links further.

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