[Watch Link] Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Watch Link: Who Has Leak Couple Photos? Are They Real?

The article explains the Kulhad Pizza viral video watch link and where to watch real leak videos, along with a couple photos.

Are you the person who loves to keep yourself updated with the latest news? Then, have you heard of the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Watch Link keyword, which is getting popular Worldwide?

But what is so special about this Kulhad video? To know all the complete and updated details about it, you have to read this whole article to learn about the interesting facts behind this viral video.

This video is all about the famous street food couple Sehaj Aurora and his wife Roop, who sell tasty and trending Kulhad pizza in the Punjab region. They utilized the social media platform to grow their business, and it came out really well, and now they have become famous personalities. Recently, intimate love-making videos of these couples were released online, and people are looking for the original viral link. But sadly, all the platforms removed those links due to their community violations.

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Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Viral Real Links Information

The romantic video of the Kulhad couple went across the globe, so it severely tarnished the image of Sehaj and Roop. Thus, the couple lodged the complaint, and as per the complaint, an FIR was filed, so the police officials removed all the links from the internet. Thus, presently, we couldn’t witness any real links to those videos; instead, we could only see a picture of the viral video. Some sites are publishing some Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Leak articles and videos, but they are not providing the original tapes. Even the leaked videos are not available on the internet now.

What was the video all about?

This video contains age-restricted scenes where Sehaj and his wife seem to be doing the love-making scenes. And in that video, the couple seemed to be in a more private place, and Roop didn’t wear any upper garments. The Kulhad Pizza Couple Photos can be seen in that leaked video. Another interesting thing that came out of this incident is that a couple of pictures of Sehaj and Roop trended equally well. The images of them holding their kulhad pizza are the most popular and appear all over the internet.

Roop wasn’t in her sober state; instead, she seemed to be intoxicated with alcohol. So, someone might have recorded the video without their permission.

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People’s reaction to the Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Leak

We can see the mixed reactions from the general public. Some people felt sorry for the state of the couple as their private videos were released on the internet. While another set of people shared this, this can be one of the tactics to make their kulhad pizza business even more viral. We see the reaction, Sehaj; he shared that the video was completely fake, an AI-morphed one and some scammers swapped the video with Kulhad Pizza Couple Photos.

So, Sehaj has even gone to complain to the culprits who blackmailed him for releasing the intimate video if he didn’t give him the money they were asking for.


As per the latest updates, the Punjab police have made the effort to remove all the links from the internet. Thus, we weren’t able to watch the real leaked videos. So, kindly urge everyone not to fall for any illegitimate Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Viral Real links online. Also watch this video to more complete details about it. (695) Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video | Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Leak – YouTube


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