Grady Paul LinkedIn: Has His Husband Revealed His Cause Death? At What Age He Dies? Was He Known as Savage? How Many Dogs Does He Owns? Check Details Now!  

To know Grady Paul LinkedIn profile details and other essential information on his death, read the article until the close.

Have you come across Grady Paul’s death news? Are you interested to know more about his obituary? How did Grady Paul die?

After the death of Grady Paul, the entertainment industry of the United Kingdom was quite shattered by his loss, people have poured their heartfelt tributes to the deceased. Read the article on Grady Paul’s LinkedIn to know more about the news.


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Check Paul O’Grady’s LinkedIn details!

The British entertainment industry faced a huge loss as Paul O’Grady passed away on 28th March 2023. The beloved T.V. host and comedian rose to prominence through his role as Lily Savage in the 1990s. 

After his death, people are looking for Paul O’Grady’s LinkedIn profile details. However, Paul O’Grady’s LinkedIn profile details are not available on the online platforms. You can find the relevant social media attachments below.

What Cause Death of Paul O’Grady?

Paul O’Grady’s husband said that he died unexpectedly but peacefully. Grady Paul’s husband didn’t state the actual cause of his death. However, several sources claim that Grady Paul faced a heart attack.

Lorraine, a T.V. presenter, a tribute post on Twitter and captioned the post as such sad news. A funny, brave, fearless man, Paul O’Grady will be sorely missed.

Know about his Obituary & Funeral!

The comedian’s family and his Dogs will surely miss him as he was quite losing to them. Moving forward with his funeral details, no such information; his family didn’t reveal such information on social platforms.

A Reddit user shared a news link on Reddit and captioned it as T.V. Star Paul O’ Grady Dies at 67 years.

Paul O’Grady Family!

  • Parents- Patrick Grady & Mary Savage.
  • Ex-wife- Teresa Fernandes.
  • Husband-Andre Portasio.
  • Siblings- Brendan O’Grady & Sheila O’Grady.
  • Children- Sharon O’Grady.

Was Paul O’Grady married?

Paul O’Grady married twice, his first wife was Teresa Fernandes (1977-2005), and his second husband, Andre Portasion, married him in 2017 till present.

Know his Wiki details!



Real Name

Paul James O’ Grady.


Comedian, Actor, TV Host, Writer.

Date Of Birth


Birth Place

Tranmere, Cheshire, England.

Husband Name

Andre Portasio

Marital Status





67 years.

Paul O’Grady Nationality & more!

  • Nationality- British.
  • Religion- Not Available.
  • Ethnicity- Not Available.

Check out his Career & More details!

  • School- St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.
  • High School- R.C. Secondary Modern and Corpus Christi High School.
  • Career- He performed his first drag act in the character of Lily Savage, which was loved by a huge audience in the 1990s.
  • Early Life- He lived in a rented home at Holly Grove, Higher Tranmere. 

Details on his Height & More!

  • Height- 6’0” feet.
  • Weight- Not Available.
  • Age 67 years.
  • Birthday- 14 June

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The tragic death of Paul O’Grady shattered the whole British Entertainment industry. Watch the news video to learn more about Paul O’Grady’s death. 

Grady Paul LinkedIn-FAQs

Q1. How old is Paul O’Grady’s Husband?

AHis Husband is between 42 to 43 years old as of 2023.

Q2. When did Paul O’Grady divorce his first wife?

They got divorced in 2005.

Q3. How many children does Paul O’Grady have?

AHe has one child from his first wife.

Q4. Did Paul O’Grady suffer from Covid?

Back in 2017, Paul O’Grady suffered from Covid.

Q5. When did Paul O’Grady have their first heart attack?

He suffered from his first heart attack in 2002.

Q6. What did Paul O’Grady use to be known as?

He was known for his drag act persona as Queen Lily Savage.

Q7. How many Dogs did Paul O’Grady have?

He had five dogs.

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