Schmidt Paul Video: Who Released The Gofundme Page in Canada? Who Is His Wife? Check Reddit & TWITTER Links Now!

In this article, we will give information about Schmidt Paul Video. Check out all the updates regarding the murder case.

Have you heard about Schmidt Paul’s death? Who killed Schmidt Paul? Where did the incident take place? Recently a 37-year-old man named Schmidt Paul died on 25 March 2022. The incident occurred in Vancouver, Canada, in the evening light outside Starbucks. 

People in the United States are questioning security. People are also terrified by the guts of immigrants stabbing anyone on the street in front of their families. Find all the details regarding the murder case and Check out the Schmidt Paul Video below.


Murder Report 

An Indian immigrant Inderdeep Singh Gosal stabbed family man Schmidt Paul. The incident took place in Vancouver outside Starbucks. Paul was leaving Starbucks with his wife and daughter. Surprisingly Inderdeep Singh popped out and stabbed him multiple times in front of his family. 

Paul was brutally stabbed, so he couldn’t survive the attack and died on the spot. Paul’s Wife immediately called the police and informed them about the situation. However, his body was driven to the hospital, but it was too late. 

The CCTV footage of Starbucks helped the officers to identify the criminal. Police caught the criminal and put Murder charges against him. Soon the news and the video of his death leaked on social media. A man roaming the street recorded and posted the video on TWITTER.

Authority’s action

Police caught the criminal soon after the incident. However, he didn’t try to run away just after stabbing Paul. Inderdeep was waiting for him to die, and he returned to check if he was gone. Now police are investigating the case and questioning the criminal about the intention behind this act. 

However, authorities didn’t disclose any details in the media but mentioned that the investigation was in process. Moreover, netizens also question why an immigrant visits Canada to kill somebody.

Paul’s wife’s Reaction

People saw the video viral on Twitter that his Wife was standing by, begging people to call the cops. However, everyone was frightened by the criminal knife. Paul’s Wife was carrying her daughter and protecting her, but she was helpless and watched her husband die. 

The video was also trending on Reddit, where people were showing condolences and sharing love with the lesser one. According to the report, Indrajeet is a 32-year-old man without connection with the victim. Additionally, police reported the sixth Murder in Vancouver in 2023.

Full Name  Paul Stanley Schmidt 



Marital Status 



3 year old girl


Mother Kathy Schmidt 


Dr. Sun Yat released a Gofundme page for his family where people donate money to help the family of a lesser one. 

Social media link



Final Verdict 

An Indian immigrant killed a man on the street. The incident took place outside Starbucks in Vancouver. Police the suspect and file criminal charges of Murder. However, an investigation is underway to find the intention behind the Murder.

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Schmidt Paul Video: FAQs

Q1. What is the age of the immigrant who killed Paul?

Inderdeep Singh is 32 years old.

Q2. At what duration of the day the incident took place?

The incident took place around 5:30 p.m.

Q3. Did Inderdeep Singh also harm the Wife of Paul?

No, he only stabs Paul brutally.

Q4. Did Paul die at the spot?

He was left unconscious after multiple stabbings. Before doctors could examine him, he was dead.

Q5. Where was the video first uploaded?

The video was posted on TWITTER

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