Josselyn Berry Twitter: Why Arizona Press Secretary TWEET For Resignation? Check Facts & Wikipedia Now!

Josselyn Berry Twitter write-up has summarized all the details about the media secretary’s removal from the office.

Do you know the reason that forced Governor Katie Hobbs’s press office employee gave her resignation? Is Berry’s resignation related to the Nashville school shooting that killed three children and three adults on Monday? The Nashville school shooting has shocked netizens in Canada and the United States, while some communities fear backlash.

The country witnessed its 19th shooting in 2023 as President Biden reiterated his call for a gun ban law. A meme from Josselyn Berry Twitter account forced the ProvinceProvince Governor’s office to remove the media secretary from the job. 


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Did Katie Hobbs, Media Secretary, Advocate Killing?

The media secretary of Governor Katie Hobbs posted a meme on her social media account that appears to advocate killing. The meme was from the 1980 movie Gloria and showed a woman holding two guns in her hand.

 A caption on the image reads, “Us when we see a transphobe,” indicating the attacker of the Nashville school attack. The meme has generated mixed reactions from netizens on Reddit and Twitter.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, Media Secretary, Resigns:

The meme posted by media staff didn’t go well with the Governor’s office and many other factions of society. A section of media and people believe that the meme from Gloria’s movie and its captions support the violence unleashed during the Nashville shooting on 27th March 2023. 

The Hobbs office released a statement that states, “The Governor’s office did not condone violence in any form” and calls for mutual respect among communities. It further added that the post by Josselyn Berry does not reflect the administration’s values, and Governor has accepted the resignation of the Press Secretary.

Why did the Gloria Movie Meme lead to Media Secretary’s Removal?

The post attracted severe reactions from people in and outside the Province following the deadly shooting at Nashville school. The Province Freedom Caucus account tweeted that “within 12 hours of shooting by deranged transgender the Governor Office Media Secretary calls for killing transphobic people Democrat disagree with it”.

Twitter immediately removed the post and put her on notice for violating the platform’s guidelines. Josselyn wrote in the same thread that “if you work in a progressive community and are transphobic, you are not progressive.”

Josselyn Berry Wikipedia:

Name  Josselyn Berry
Year of Birth  1989
Age  33 years
Nationality  American
Place of Birth  Phoenix, America
Ethnicity  Caucasian 
Profession  Media Secretary, Governor’s office
University  State University 
College  Barrett Honors College
Subject  Journalism
Parents  Not known 
Height  5 feet 2 inches 
Net Worth  $ 700K
In the news for  Post on Trans Shooting Nashville

Josselyn’s LinkedIn profile shows her as a thorough professional in the field of Journalism.

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Final verdict:

The Media Secretary has given her resignation for outrage that supported the Nashville shooting, while the Governor’s Office has distanced itself from the Gloria meme . 

Should people stop accusing the community of individual acts? Please comment. 

Josselyn Berry Twitter: FAQs

Q.1 What is the gender of a Nashville shooter?

 Some media reports suggest that the Nashville shooter is transgender.a

Q.2 Which keyword started trending after the Nashville shooting?

Some keywords like #TransTerrorism, #AudreyHale, and #NashvilleShooting are trending on social media sites.

Q.3 Which community is fearing backlash for the Nashville shooting?

Tran’s community is fearing backlash for the Nashville incident.

Q.4 Which community wanted Josselyn Berry’s removal for the “transphobic” comment?

Province Freedom Caucus wanted the removal of the media secretary for the transphobic comment.

Q.5 What has led to the removal of media secretary Josselyn Berry from her office?

An outrageous TWEET supporting Nashville violence has led to her removal from office.

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