Giaithuongviet379 com {Oct 2022} Explore Actual Fact!

This post on Giaithuongviet379 com informs our readers about the legitimacy of this website and how they can prevent the scam from happening.

Do you want to know more about prize-winning online shops? Then, we have a store for you. The store will send prize products to you. This is a store based in Vietnam, and people want to know if the store is legit. Every e-commerce business will eventually run into fraud. So, you can check out this post to know more about Giaithuongviet379 com to prevent yourself from any consequences.


What does the store offer?

You can win exciting prizes by playing games on the You can win electric bikes. If you are an iphone lover, you can win the latest iphone 13.

Many people have already won prizes from this website. You can also find photos on their website. But, it would help if you take care of the online scam. You must check Giaithuongviet379 com reviews before providing any details to the website.

The trustworthiness of was checked for multiple red flags, and we believe the website might be fraudulent. Use this website with the utmost caution.

The site is verified for distinct factors, including who the owner is, whether the contact information is disguised, where the website is housed, what software is being used, and a whole lot more for finding legitimacy of Giaithuongviet379 com. 

We found that giaithuongviet379 has an extremely low trust rating (1 %). There are several signs that the website is fraudulent, it may still be secure to use.

Positive aspects

  • This website appears to conduct online sales 
  • The SSL certificate is genuine, as per the results of the Xolphin SSL Test.
  • This website seems is to be secure.
  • We discovered no malware or phishing activity.

Negative aspects of Giaithuongviet379 com

  • The website owner is employing a paid service to hide his identity.
  • There aren’t many people visiting this webpage.
  • On the same server, we discovered a lot of poorly rated websites.
  • This website was recently registered (19/09/2022).


Wrapping up on this post, we conclude that the website is not safe. Massive data breaches are becoming more frequent, making it easier for criminals and fraud organizations to get the names and credit accounts they have to operate. So do your proper research on Giaithuongviet379 com.

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