2k23vcglitch Com {Oct} Check Its Legitimacy Here!

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about 2k23vcglitch com, which offers to credit millions of VC to the NBA2K23 account.

Are you a fan of the NBA2k23 video game available in the United States? Are you exploring options for getting VC free as you need to pay for buying them in the game? Are you looking for an online VC generator? Do you want to get free VC by performing simple tasks?

Did you come across 2k23vcglitch offering free VC? But does the 2k23vcglitch com credits VC? Let’s check below.

The features of 2k23vcglitch.com:

2k23vcglitch.com is a new website created on 9th-July-2022, registered in a high-risk country Iceland. It is two months and nineteen days old. It has a short life expectancy and expires within nine months and eleven days.

2k23vcglitch.com is a high-risk website as it scored a considerable 79% on threat and malware profiles, a 47% phishing score, a 54% spam score, a 22% suspicion score, and a zero Alexa ranking.

Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 70 days. The website uses a valid HTTPS protocol; any blacklisting engines do not blacklist it. 

The legitimacy of 2k23vcglitch com:

2k23vcglitch.com gained a terrible 1% trust index, a 14.9% business ranking, and a poor 1/100 domain authority score. The owner’s identity and contact information are censored using the services of Withheld for Privacy EHF.

The website excluded customer service contact information, privacy policy, and terms and conditions. 

How 2k23vcglitch.com works?

2k23vcglitch.com claims to generate free VC to be credited to your account. It offers 35K, 75K, 200K, and 450K VC for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, X|S series, PS4 and PS5.

However, when you try to generate VC, 2k23vcglitch.com does not takes your gaming ID. Once you select the amount of VC on 2k23vcglitch com, it redirects you to appinstallcheck.com/cl/i/dvxmj1 for completing two tasks: answering a survey and answering if you want to become a millionaire.


Several users who attempted the survey and other tasks did not get VC credited to their accounts. Hence, 2k23vcglitch.com seems a scam. After completing the survey, it prompts that suspicious activity is detected on your account and requests you to enter user information, which is a phishing attempt. The website scored terrible trust, business, DA, Alexa, phishing, malware, threat and spam scores. Hence, 2k23vcglitch.com is not recommended.

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