Write For Us + Creative Writing – Our Working Protocol!

The article discusses the segment of Write For Us + Creative Writing. Read the article and learn more.

Do you know what creative writing is? Creative writing has great demand in the market. Our designated portal publishes creative writing daily. 

We need some experienced creative writers for our Write For Us + Creative Writing. But before that, know about our organization. 

Know about our Portal Opensquares

We are Opensquares. We are a specialized creative writing organization that publishes creative content on various subjects. Our basic protocol is to inform people about the information on the topics like Modern Education, Online Gaming, Sports, Heath, Fashion and many more subjects. 

We want to publish creative content. And it is also an integral part of our organization. If you are interested in writing, you can apply for our portal. 

Write for Us Creative Writing– Who can apply? 

  1. Creative content writing has some demands. As content contributors, you need to know the proper flow and ideas about the creative content. 
  2. Maintain the grammar score for creative writing. The grammar score should be 99 plus. 
  3. Creative writing should be free from plagiarism. We don’t allow one per cent plagiarism. 
  4. Avoid using website links that have a 3 percent spam score. 
  5. Use external links after 80 percent of the writing. 
  6. Place the keywords between 0.75 to 1 percent words. 

Write For Us Creative Writing Guest Post– why do you apply? 

  1. The open square is a big organization and platform for creative writers. Therefore, you will get a great area to experiment with your writing.
  2. We believe in scientific SEO formation. It will allow your content to achieve the highest SERP rank.
  3. The content contributors also learn the basic technical facts about creative writing.
  4. Our portal essentially gets daily traffic. For this reason, we can assure you the content will view by 10,000 readers per day.

Creative Writing “Write For Us”- Know about Topics

  1. How do you eradicate negative thoughts from life?
  2. Know the basic rules to achieve your target in life.
  3. Great way to learn good things in life.

Send Us Sample 

You can write a sample creative writing work and send it to us at our email id: braydenwilson763@gmail.com. Don’t worry. 

Our team will check your content and confirm with you within just 24 hours only. We also take full responsibility for any copyright issues regarding your content. 

Get Start 

Write For Us + “Creative Writing is a great opportunity. Don’t waste your time. We assure you it is an excellent platform for your start as a creative content contributor. 

Therefore, we will start work from today. Also, learn about creative writing via clicking the link

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