Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Results: Read Her Obituary, Funeral Details And Cause Of Her Death. How Did She Die?

Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Results briefly explains the true facts about the death of the school teacher and the murder charges of Abston.

Were you the person who normally follows the news thread? Could you remember the recent kidnapping case in the Memphis region where Abston abducted the teacher? The police officials of the United States have found the dead body of Elizabeth Fletcher. This incident has made everyone angry with profound grief. So, in this article, we will go over the most recent updates of Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Results

The results

Last Friday, a billionaire heiress named Eliza Fletcher made the trending news. She was kidnapped by the serial kidnapper, Cleotha Abston, in an SUV. Police officers were searching for her. But it all ended up in a void. She was murdered. Her body was found near the vacant duplex apartment. 

They found out by the decaying smell that emerged from that area. They also found a trash bag and a purple lululemon short present inside the bag. And those shorts belong to Fletcher. The police officer sent her body for an autopsy to know the real reason behind her death. The autopsy results have not yet been released.

Eliza Fletcher Cause Of Death

Some unknown people kidnapped Eliza while she was out for a jog. The police officers found Cloetha Abston as the first suspect, as his DNA was matched with his sandals of Eliza. Her body started to decay a day after her abduction.

Memphis police officers couldn’t state the cause of death, as the body had started to decay. So, they have sent it for autopsy. The reports can only share the cause of her death. And the kidnapper abston didn’t convey anything about the death of Fletcher and how they murdered eliza. 

The funeral

Eliza Fletcher Funeral will be held at the Second Presbyterian Church on Saturday at 10 am. And all the arrangements are happening there. The canale funeral directors confirmed Elizabeth’s funeral ceremony location and time. On Saturday, the teacher and mother of two children will be rested forever to relax. Her family asking to distribute the memorials to the Liza Wellford Memorial Fund at the Saint Mary Episcopal School and Christ Methodist Day School. The schools where she worked started paying their tribute to Elizabeth. And they shared their memories of Liza.

The death of the teacher

How Did Eliza Fletcher Die? The question was trending on the internet because police officers had recently found her dead body, and everyone was waiting for her autopsy results to know the cause of her death. Meanwhile, US Marshals arrested the culprit, Abston (aged 38), and the court gave the verdict by giving a first-degree murder charge to Abston and a fine amount. But the preschool teacher’s life was lost forever.


Abston was a serial kidnapper. In the year 2000, He had already kidnapped an attorney and went to Juvenile jail for kidnapping the attorney. Abston had a history of criminal charges filed against him. 

The Eliza Fletcher Obituary site was opened for people to send their condolences, people’s wishes, and flowers over the site. Eliza Fletcher (Fletcher, 1987-2022) will be memorialized.  Visit here to know more updates on liza.

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