Austin Pendergrass Cause Of Death – Know About Obituary: Has Wendell Middle School Student Committed Suicide? Who Is He?

This article will provide you with all the details that will help you to know about the Austin Pendergrass Cause Of Death.

What is the cause of death for Austin Pendergrass? Which grade was he studying? What is the condition of his family now? When did this incident happen? While looking for further details, did you select our article as the best solution? We will help you to find out more. 

On 6th September 2022, Austin committed suicide. Right now, this news has spread worldwide, and people are wondering for more information regarding Austin Pendergrass Cause Of Death. So, follow this article, and you will be able to unlock all the doubts you have in your mind to know the reason behind it. 

Cause of Death of Austin Pendergrass!

Austin Pendergrass, an eighth-grade student, committed suicide on Tuesday while in school. The administrator immediately dismissed the school and said Austin suffered from mental issues.

He was found dead in the bathroom of his school. A medical team had also arrived, but it was too late for them to save Austin. Most of the information has been uploaded over the web, and the aunt of Austin Pendergrass gave all the statements for further investigation.

Austin Pendergrass Obituary

Austin Pendergrass was a 13 years old kid who committed suicide and lost his life recently. His family also shared some memorable things about the nature of Austin Pendergrass.

Austin was a humble guy tried to help family members. He always wanted to spend most of the time with his mother and siblings especially.

On the 7th, September Wednesday, the family flew up a red balloon to give the honour to Austin Pendergrass. They also wore Austin’s favourite colour dress because they wanted Austin to know that his family would always support him.

Why did Wendell Middle School Student Commit Suicide? The version of Austin’s family!

Austin Pendergrass committed suicide due to cruel bullying done by other students and classmates during his schooling hours. It triggered him to commit suicide.

Austin’s Mom Jessica Pendergrass also said he faced bullying since he was studying in 6th grade. In a video, Austin’s mom requested all the parents to teach their children to become humble so that this type of incident might not happen. 

While giving an interview to WRAL news, they discussed various things and shared some information to remind us Who Is Austin Pendergrass.

Why are people searching for Austin Pendergrass?

Recently the news has been viral over the web where we came to know a 13-year-old boy committed suicide in the school bathroom. Later everyone searches to know details and sends condolences to the Pendergrass family.

Note: This information has been taken from reliable and trusted internet sources.

Final Verdict:

On the 6th of September, Tuesday, a 13-year-old, Austin Pendergrass, committed suicide in the bathroom of middle school. Later everyone came to know this incident had happened due to brutal bullying done by the students. 

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