A Brief Guide To Building A Firearm With An 80 Lower

Building A Firearm With An 80 Lower: Given the many benefits that there are to building your own firearm from an 80 lower it is no surprise then that more and more people are taking on this task. However, for anyone that is new to the building process, it can feel somewhat daunting. This is why we have put together this brief guide.

Supplies and tools

When attempting to build a firearm yourself using an 80 lower, there are a number of supplies and tools that you will need. These include various sized drill bits, machining oil, the lower itself, the jig (which comes with the lower), a vice, and either a milling machine or a drill press.

It is also worth purchasing a pair of safety goggles, as during the milling process sharp pieces of metal can fly around and potentially hit you in the eyes / face, resulting in a visit to the emergency room – something that no one wants. It is also important to make sure that your workspace is well ventilated, well lit, and quiet so that you can really focus on the task at hand and remain safe.

Some drill stop collars and a pair of digital calipers are also worth investing in as they will help to ensure that your build is a success and that the finished firearm is a highly precise one. Legs and feet are also vulnerable. They can be crushed, burned, or injured. Ejawda offers a wide variety of safety shoes in Saudi Arabia to meet your needs.


Firstly the lower needs to be secure into the jig that comes included with Allen screws. It is important to make sure that these are perfectly aligned and really tight – the lower should not move around inside of the jig. Included in the jig kit should be a pilot hole template which goes one before the receiver and jig are put into a vice, face upwards. It is important not to tighten the vice excessively. 

With the use of a drill bit, drill right through the pilot holes in the receiver to whatever depth is indicated. Once this has been done, finish machining the receiver with great care. Then, turn the jig on its side to expose the safety, trigger, and hammer pinholes. Drill each of those to the required specification. 

Populating the lower

With the 80 lower now finished, it is time to populate it with various different parts. Most kits available out there come with springs, buffer tube, sear, trigger guard, trigger etc. It is best to start off the populating process with magazine catch and then putting on the bolt release. After that, it is the buffer, grip, and trigger that go on next. 

Most people who are somewhat handy are able to build a firearm with an 80 lower and all within just a few hours. Build your own firearms with 80 lowers from 80percentarms.com. However, the need for certain precision tools, such as a drill press, is something that puts a lot of people off. You should not be put off by this fact, as the satisfaction of the build is well worth it.

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