A Simple Guide to Creating a Video Blog at Home

The 2020 pandemic has brought changes in our lives at many levels and in many ways. This came as a disruption and created new avenues for ideas that we never imagined otherwise.

With lockdown and restrictions, where several jobs got affected, several new areas of work emerged; creating home video blogs is one such approach for change. Indeed this phase allowed hobbies to become income-generating routes for many. 

Today making a video blog is not so difficult with technologies at your fingertips. You have smartphones to record videos, a good online video trimmer for post-production edits, and numerous social media sites where you can share your videos. 

Let’s explore how a video blog is, and you may start one from the comfort of your own home. We’ll look at what you’ll need, how bloggers record their vlogs, and what ideas and tactics you can use for your project.

What’s the Point of Video Blogging?

Like no other blogging medium, video blogging allows you to engage with your audience as audio gives the second advantage.

“I don’t have the necessary equipment,” “it takes too much time,” and “I’m not sure how the whole process works,” are common excuses.

Let’s get started.

Make a video roadmap

It takes more than pressing the record button to make a video. Several variables go into making a video stand out from the crowd. And, believe it or not, the majority of them have to do with how well you plan your film before shooting it. So let’s look at some of these video production planning guidelines and best practices.

  • Make a suitable target with your content 

It is the most important factor you should consider while making any video. In addition, you should make an aim that you are trying to provide with your content. Thus, the plotting of videos will help with many benefits and cutting down the expenses.

Determine your target audience

Through your single content, you cannot aim at all age groups. Thus, make sure to find and reach your ultimate audience to grab more attention over any platform. Also, you have to provide your best through content specific to that generation. 

So, think twice before editing, plotting, and creating content based on your targeted viewers.

Research the topic 

A thorough investigation of the chosen topic is a crucial point that will help grab an authentic outcome. Moreover, it might be decisive to pick out a certain topic for your audience. Also, fulfilling your content’s intention is important that will assist you in reaching higher.

Next, you should also consider targeting keywords within your content to rank on search engines. 

Picking an accurate video format 

So, the above-cited points have told you how to find and select the content; but in this passage, we will discuss how to select the video’s variety and quality.

Going through the following points, you will find some video types:

  • Live-action
  • Animated
  • Screen recording
  • Whiteboard
  • Typography
  • Combination

Write a script 

Perfect writing in a particular fashion is essential in flourishing your content on a medium. Moreover, to convey your messages effectively through your content, you should scribble your content’s main points. 

However, you can also list dialogues for your entire video according to the appropriate style, accent, etc., to make better content for your focused crowd. 

What Kind of Equipment Do You Require?

After deciding the theme, format, script, and location, that’s your home; the next essential thing to decide upon is your shooting device. You may opt for an inbuilt camera in your smartphone or professional-grade cameras. The choice is completely yours. 

  • Camera

If you have a smartphone with a good camera quality then you may not require an additional camera. The iPhone and equivalent like Samsung and Xiaomi phones may perform well. After you’ve shot the video, you may edit it straight on your phone.

In addition to professional cameras, webcams such as the Logitech C920 can be used. You can buy Nikon D3300 for professional use.

  • Microphone

It’s not good to record tone with a camera since the sound will become hazy. Also, you will notice undesirable external noise that is difficult to eliminate. For excellent sound, use a Lavalier microphone.

The advantage of recording music through the microphone is that you can always correct it. If you forget to include some audio or the voice becomes unclear, you may overwrite it later and then include it in the video collage.

  • Tripod

This gadget mainly prevents your device from mobilizing and giving a steady posture. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you may use a bench or desk to rest it. or even construct a platform out of books. iPhone users may use an affordable tripod available over Amazon. Also, you can look for LED tripods that will help you with lighting effects.

Select a background

Not everyone lives in an Instagrammable flat; therefore, shooting a particular video might be hectic. So, before filming, try to clean up any spills, transfer goods, and remove unwanted items. Then, add various household decor pieces, such as flower vases or frames on the wall to enhance the video’s beauty

Use video editing software

You’ll still need to edit and montage your video, no matter how amazing it is. You can choose any good video editing software with the best trimming functionalities to delete the ends of your video by just placing the sliders in the correct position. Enhance the audio quality, eliminate background noise, and correct visuals by removing unwanted portions and bloopers. 

Consider where to upload and share 

Post completion of your video making, you should promote it on different platforms but you don’t need to be a search engine expert to locate distribution options for your work.

Thus, we suggest YouTube, where you can make your creativity open to the public. Moreover, through YouTube Studio, you can keep an eye on your published videos.

Over to You 

We have shared the basic tips and knowledge that you should have to start making videos at home. These are also the major aspects that you must keep in mind. Hope you feel empowered to create your home videos, share your ideas, and make your presence on the digital platform.

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