Boeing Whistleblower Death Reddit – Joshua Dean’s Death Due to Fast-Spreading Infection Follows the Death of Barnett, Who Died By Suicide Two Months Before

Boeing Whistleblower Death Reddit discussions have stormed the internet after the death of Joshua Dean and Barnett for exposing facts related to the aircraft.

The internet is currently thronged with news and discussions on Boeing Whistleblower Death Reddit. Joshua Dean’s sudden demise has sparked debates among netizens Worldwide.

This comes after the death of yet another individual who posed as a whistleblower. Herein, the individual who was identified as John Barnett succumbed to death due to suicide just two months before this incident.

This article will provide more detailed insight into the incident and what the investigations have highlighted about the case. Continue to read the entire content to get better information about the controversy.

Boeing Whistleblower Death Reddit – What is the News About?

Research shows that yet another whistleblower has lost his life in connection with the Boeing case. The person identified now is Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor associated with the Boeing Supplier Spirit AeroSystems.

Based on the information gathered for Boeing Whistleblower Dead, which was released on the internet, it gained instant traction. The netizens have started threads discussing Boeing Whistleblower Death Reddit.

Herein, we tried to research to understand the case’s core and collected other related information. The details have been explained in the upcoming paragraphs.

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Was Boeing Whistleblower Suicide?

According to the investigation, Joshua Dean was 45 years of age. He worked as the former quality auditor associated with Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems. Herein, he left for his heavenly abode on Tuesday, 03 May 2024.

Was Boeing Whistleblower Suicide

This has come across as shocking news after the death of another whistleblower associated with Boeing named John Barnett. As per reports, he died of suicide just two months before this incident.

As per further research, the reason for his death is highlighted to be breathing difficulties. Additionally, although he was given medical intervention, he struggled for a few days before leaving for his heavenly abode.

What is the Boeing Whistleblower Dead Controversy?

Joshua Dean was under an ECMO machine. Herein, before his final days, he suffered for a while. The cause of his death was highlighted to be the fast spreading of an infection. Although the death was sudden, Boeing Whistleblower Death Reddit has sparked discussions on the platform.

The death has come as a shock. Dean was among the first to raise concerns regarding the critical manufacturing flaws related to Boeing’s 737 MAX planes. He also pointed out Spirit leadership’s ignorance about the entire case.

Besides, the dean had documented various observations surrounding the manufacturing flaws of the plane. These included improper drilling of holes over the aft pressure bulkhead, which is a critical tool for maintaining the pressure inside the cabin.

Furthermore, Spirit later fired Dean in April 2023 for exposing the flaws in the plane’s construction.

All these points and the death of two of Boeing’s whistleblowers have raised many questions among the netizens. 

Final Conclusion – Connect Between Boeing Whistleblower Suicide and Death

As per sources, Spirit fired Dean for providing details regarding the flaws in the plane, which were discussed widely on Boeing Whistleblower Death Reddit threads. Here, netizens are connecting Dean’s death with that of Barnett, who was yet another whistleblower in the case.

Barnett had died by suicide in March. Based on reports, he was also embroiled in lawsuits that alleged retaliation for providing information regarding the safety concerns of the 787 Dreamliner.

The case is currently being investigated, and the reason for Dean’s death is considered a natural cause due to prolonged illness. Apart from Barnett and Dean, Sam Salehpour, with over 17 years of expertise, turned into a whistleblower, had raised concerns related to the 777 aircraft and the 787 Dreamliner.

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