5 Necessary Apps to Have On Your Smartphones

Every morning we wake up to the sounds of brilliantly painted birds and a notification telling us about the launch of a brand-new app. The app market is filled with countless apps; each has its own unique features. The characteristic that is common to all is the convenience and efficiency that they bring with them. 

The phone’s home screen should be renamed to the app screen. We can find apps of different kinds on the home screen. Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, navigation apps like Google Maps, weather apps, video calling apps, and health and fitness-related apps, all can be seen on our smartphone screens. However it is important to note here that not all apps are useful, pointless apps also exist. 

So you need to keep a track of the apps that can add value to your life in one way or another. We have done the task for you by enlisting all the valuable apps that must be present on your phone at all times. However, before you get excited to learn about these apps, make sure you have access to a reliable internet connection like the one provided by Cox. 

Why? Because you can’t install these apps without a dependable internet connection. If you are happy with your current Internet Service Provider, well lucky you. However, if that’s not the case, consider signing up with Xfinity en Español which will provide you with amazing download speeds and incredible technical assistance in both English and Spanish. Now that you have access to a reliable provider, well go ahead and explore what this article has in store for you. 

1. SafeTrek

We live in a world that is also home to criminals, bullies, rapists, and evil people. Hence, we have all experienced situations where we felt our life was in danger. Even thinking about those times, makes shivers run down our spine. However, don’t lose hope in humanity. This world is not just home to bad people, in fact, it also provides shelter to creative minds who come up with apps that keep us safe at all times. 

If you ever encounter such a situation in which you feel helpless and scared, try downloading a safety app called SafeTrek. Once you have installed it, just click the ‘hold until safe’ button and if God forbid, you encounter a life-threatening situation just let go of the button and the entire system will instantly contact the concerned authorities and let them know your location. This is a very useful app that has attained 5-star reviews and is super secure. 

2. Sleep Cycle

Sleep is one of the very significant attributes of the human body. You can’t spend your day actively without having at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. If you get less sleep, you will remain lethargic all day and might even fall sick if the same pattern continues. 

Similarly, if you sleep for more than 8 hours you might skip all your responsibilities and fail to manage your day efficiently. Hence, sleep is important, and keeping a track of your hours of sleep is even more significant. 

An app called Sleep Cycle has made things simpler for all those people who think that they are not getting enough sleep or the folks who complain about oversleeping. This app essentially aids your body to attain the optimal level of rest by keeping an eye on your sleeping patterns and waking you up as soon as it perceives that it is the right time.

3. Mint

This app is similar to your bank account present on your smartphone. This is a very useful app that helps you keep track of all your income and spending. How does it function? It efficiently connects all your accounts together. 

Your responsibility is just to enter your bank account details and the app will handle the rest. You can trust this app to store your income details, daily transactions, money transfers, and all other expenses. The cherry on top, it is free of cost. So install this app and monitor all your expenses. Good luck!

4. Calm

If you are upset and the tensions of life are taking a toll on your mental health, then consider this app your savior. This highly effective app will help you meditate and calm your mind by giving you access to sleep stories. 

Listening to these sleep stories will help you reduce your depression, anxiety, and panic attacks and will encourage you to practice mindfulness. It will also enlighten you about the importance of gratitude and will help you practice it in your daily life. In addition to this, it has a very interactive user interface so you can never feel lost while using this app. The best part is that this app is totally free of cost, so download it now and use it to relieve your tensions. 

5. Waze

If you are always in a hurry and can’t stand even a little traffic, well then Waze is the app for you. It essentially is a traffic as well as navigation application that aids you in avoiding heavy traffic, discovering alternative routes, and attaining real-time traffic and road updates. The best part however is that it easily connects to your Spotify app, which means that you can use this app while enjoying your favorite music. 

Final words

We have done our research and tried our best to enlist all the necessary apps that you must have on your phone. So download them right away and thank us later. 

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