Fun Activities to Try Out at an Ocean View Hotel in Costa Rica!

Whenever you’re on a vacation at a location with a ton of beaches and coastal areas, it’s difficult not to indulge in the sports and activities there. However, there are many ways you can enjoy similar amenities while staying within the premises of your hotel as well! Sometimes, you might feel lazy or don’t want to travel more, then these activities at your hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica will energize you without the hassle of leaving the hotel!

Discover the Wonders of Wildlife

With the vivid forests and nature of Santa Teresa, come the majestic creatures that occupy them. Their beauty can be admired even from a distance since they can be found in almost every corner of the forest. Moreover, this is an amazing activity to enjoy if you’re with kids because they are usually mesmerized or excited by the sight of the birds here.

Some of the popular birds that can be seen are kingfishers, pelicans, falcons, parrots, magpie jays, hummingbirds and herons! They can be spotted near your hotel on any given day which means you won’t have to travel miles to observe them.

Make a Splash with an In-Suite Pool: The Ultimate Relaxation on Your Vacation

When it comes to water sports, there is nothing better than swimming because it is a fun activity that can be rejuvenating in many ways as well. You and your family can make a lot of memories full of happiness in your suite’s indoor pool. This could act as the best part of a relaxing evening watching the sunset as well. 

Furthermore, if your family is raving about swimming but you’re exhausted or jet-lagged, then an in-suite pool can be one of the holiest grails. This type of pool will keep your kids busy in the safest surroundings while you can pamper yourself. 

Surfing: A Fun and Healthy Activity for All Ages at Your Ocean View Hotel in Costa Rica

If there’s one activity that makes a ton of beautiful memories, is great for physical development and never gets boring, then it’s definitely surfing. If you’re staying in an ocean view hotel, Costa Rica, then the chances are you could probably grab your surfboard and swim away for the most energetic experience ever. 

Not just that, but surfing is actually an amazing skill to learn for younger kids since it keeps them active, fit and safer in the water bodies. Surfing is also beneficial for teens because it can help them be fitter and have toned muscles.

Fishing with Your Kids is the Ultimate Bonding Experience

Another wholesome bonding activity can be fishing with your kids. This proves to be one of the most helpful activities when you want to improve the skills of your children while having fun simultaneously. If you’re not aware of how to fish, then you can take instructed fishing lessons with a professional! 

Fishing can create a lot of memories because every catch is unique and doesn’t fail to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Moreover, this activity can enhance the mental developmental skills of young children as well. 

Recharge Your Mind and Body with Guided Yoga

If you’re extremely tired, emotional or anxious on your vacation, then you need a rejuvenating experience that will suck the negativity right out of you. This experience can be achieved through guided yoga. This helps a lot in reducing stress, and anxiety and making you feel refreshed and happier mentally as well as physically. 

Furthermore, if yoga is being practiced in front of a breathtaking view of Santa Teresa, then you’re bound to get energized and full of positivity in a jiffy. This can be done with kids as well since it’s a great practice for them in a multitude of ways. 

Zip Lining: A Thrilling Adventure for Adrenaline Junkies

Zip lining over forests and exotic lands of Santa Teresa is another thrilling adventure in Costa Rica that can invigorate a sense of excitement in the most unexpected ways. If you and your family are fans of adrenaline-rushing activities, then a tour of the forests through a zip line is absolutely necessary to make the most out of your vacation! 

In addition, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your family since you’ll be performing this activity with professionals by your side the entire time. The gear and equipment that is used for zip lining are usually the strongest and safest as well. 

Boost Creativity and Strengthen

After a fun day of invigorating activities, you can finally relax in a laid-back way just enjoying the view while doing some art. Painting or drawing with your kids boosts their imagination and creates a stronger bond for the parent-child relationship. Plus, this can be a creative fun way of spending time with your loved ones after you’re exhausted from a big day.

Moreover, this increases the creativity levels of young minds, making them more susceptible to colors, patterns and shapes. This could be insightful for the parents and the kids too in countless different ways. 


The activities mentioned above are definitely just the beginning of what your vacation to Santa Teresa could look like. There are a lot of miraculous places to go to in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica as well but nothing compares to the comfort of enjoying most of the things at your hotel without stepping out.

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