Jobs – Check Review To Find About Get Paid To Read Is Legit or Scam?

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Have you heard of a website that pays you for reading books? Are you interested to learn about such a site? Then we are here to inform you about one online platform offering money for reading books. Getting paid for reading books are popular in the United States and India

Many people earn a good amount of money only by reading books and writing reviews for the concerned books. Here in this article, we will talk about the detailed reviews of the site and Jobs.

Jobs Provided By

In the present world, every possible thing has been done virtually. The virtual world is so much dependable to us now. While talking about the jobs that provides are giving a platform where you can write reviews after reading a book, and this you will not have to do for free, but after writing a review, you will get paid.

The payment depends on the volume of the books; if you review books with more words, you will get more payment, whereas, if you read books with fewer word counts, you will get paid to read less payment. 

The thing that you must have is an analytical mind. First, you need to apply on the site for this job. If your application is accepted, the portal authority will send you books for review after reading.

Why Is Famous?

This portal is famous to its viewers as it offers authentic and straightforward reviews. This site also provides books to its reviewers according to their favorite genres. For instance, a reviewer interested in history gets history-related books for review. The reviewers have to maintain a format provided by the company while reviewing.

Check: is Anysubject com legit or scam

  • Registration Date: This portal registered on the virtual market on 6th January 1999. So, we can see that this online book reviewing portal has been functioning for twenty-three years. 
  • Expiry Date: Anysubject. Com will expire on 6th January 2026. So, if we calculate its life span, we can see that this portal has twenty-six years of life span.
  • Trust Score: This online platform has secured 68% ratings as the trust score.

Note: As the portal is not opening, all the information is taken from authentic and reliable sources. As it is a subdomain, the Scam detector does not give reviews on this portal. Website Review

The official site of the portal is not opening, and we cannot find any reviews on the external reviewing platform. Therefore, we miss out on assessing the reaction of the viewers of this site.


From the above discussion, we can say that though there is no review found for this portal, we have observed good comments about the site on another portal. As Anysubject has been working for almost two decades, we can say that this site is legitimate, and those who want to do Jobs can go for this portal.  

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