Onlinebookclub Jobs Detail: Is This Legit or Scam?

We have discussed here Onlinebookclub Jobs, a recently searched book reviews platform. To know its legitimacy, read here.

Are you fond of reading books offline or online? What if you get an opportunity to read books free of cost? 

Onlinebookclub gives you a chance to read the book and provide your reviews. People in the United States want to know if the website is legit or a scam. We are here with complete analyzed information on Onlinebookclub Jobs. Just be with us to know every detail of it.

What is Online Book Club about?

According to what we found on their website, they said they don’t promise to give a billion dollars, and you leave your job for that. But it is free of cost for the reader or, rather, say, reviewers.

As reviewers, you will get free copies of books from many publishers. However, in return, you must write an honest review and grab an opportunity to earn. So, as said, you will not get rich by reviewing books, but you may be able to earn some hundred dollars.  

Is Online Book Club Legit or Scam?

Our findings show that the website is quite established as the domain was created sixteen years ago. Also, according to Alexa traffic rank, the website stands at 37,433, which shows Onlinebookclub has good traffic. Moreover, it uses a valid HTTPS connection.

Also, we have found the website has 4.5 ratings and 213 reviews on Trustpilot, in which 85% of people marked it as excellent, whereas less than 1% have given poor reviews. We will determine its legitimacy after exploring some reviews.

What do users have to say about Onlinebookclub Jobs?

A blogger who has worked for this website for two years said she had not received any payment yet. However, according to their payment policy, reviewers can earn between $5 to $60 once their review is accepted.

On the other hand, another reviewer said she earned $806for reviewing nearly forty books. However, she also added that it takes several hours to read the book and then write a review. Therefore, we can say that it is a poor way to earn money.

A reviewer on Quora said Onlinebookclub Jobs is acceptable for one who enjoys reading, but their formatting rules are so strict that the chances of rejection are high.

For reviewers who love reading, their experience on this website is hugely satisfying and impressive.

From reading reviews from its user and technical information of the website, we can say that the website is legit. If reading is your hobby and you used to purchase books for that, you can try reading books from here for free.

But please note there are some rules that reviewers must follow and there is a strict format to submit reviews; if not followed, you might not get paid for it.


Onlinebookclub Jobs, we have discussed it and determined it is legit based on the technical parameters and online reviews from various users. You can visit Onlinebookclub’s official website if you find it interesting  

What is your favorite genre? Do not forget to mention your hobby in the comment. 

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