Know About Xfinity Call Of Duty Beta-What Are The Rewards?, Why Is It Not Working? Read!

Fans of Call of Duty will learn about Xfinity’s complimentary customer appreciation program which includes: Xfinity Call Of Duty Beta. Please read for more.

Have you ever played a call of duty game? If yes, we understand that the game is quite addicting to spend leisure or entertainment time. Now a newer Beta version is coming in the United States that entices us to write elaborated details of Xfinity Call Of Duty BetaIf you are interested in the same topic, please continue perusing our post until the end. Let us continue listing our findings on the subject.

The Recent News

Closed Early Access for Modern Warfare 2 (Call of Duty) will begin in September for Xfinity customers. It gives you a head start before the rest of the world, which can only participate in the beta which is open on weekends. It will allow you to decide better if you want to purchase the game or not before its official release on October 28.

Xfinity Rewards Call Of Duty

Amid the Open Beta period, Xfinity customers who sign up for the rewards package can automatically redeem the code for Early Access. Players can use their Activision accounts to access the game once they have received a code. Since the initial Open Beta session kicked off on September 16, only PlayStation players had access to the game. 

Besides the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and PC will all get access to a new Xfinity Call Of Duty Beta test from September 22 to the 26th. Those who receive Preorder Beta Codes via Xfinity Rewards would be lucky to access to the game on September 22 and 23, while the general public will be able to do so on 24th September.

Having trouble? Find the solution

Suppose the stream functions well on your mobile device but not on your Samsung TV. In that case, you can utilize the remote to direct the Xfinity Stream Beta App. To find the solution to Why Is Xfinity Beta Not Working, select “Uninstall,” and then delete the app from your Samsung TV. Afterward, when some time has passed, reinstall it.


The latest Call of Duty games, Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, are amongst the year’s most anticipated releases. Fans were more interested in the Modern Warfare saga than the fairly incomplete feeling. Thus the announcement of Modern Warfare 2 was the icing on the cake of a year in which Xfinity Call Of Duty Beta Vanguard failed to achieve the mark. What do you think? Please share your response.

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