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Microsoft launched the Xbox series to offer a never-ending supply of games and boundaries in the gaming world. Their chief aim was to provide authentic games with the most remarkable capacity. These games ranged from thrilling adventures to childhood art graphic narratives. 

Microsoft introduced this model to gain an advantage over its competitors. This model hopes to create effective gaming designs in 2023. As a gamer, you might need help to keep up with the regular introduction of new games. 

So here we are with our potential list of the best upcoming game releases. Gamers can install these games to enjoy in the future.

What Is The Most Popular Xbox One Game Right Now?

Some famous games for Xbox One include Assassin’s Creed, Project Spark, Need For Speed, Call of Duty, and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

But Assassin’s Creed is the most popular Xbox One game right now.

Further, while playing these games, it is necessary to install a VPN. Most games need an internet connection. So, using an Xbox One VPN will secure your identity and buy weapons. A VPN transmits your data through an encrypted channel on the Internet, making you more secure and anonymous while playing your favorite games.

Xbox One Video Games: 6 New Releases This Year

1. High on Life

This High on life game is for Gamers interested in first-person shooting games that involve a lot of armories and plot twists. Created by Justin Roiland, this game is an animated series with a background story that allows you to enjoy the game.

Here, the gamer fights to save humanity from the alien cartel. They kidnap people for drug testing and other requirements. This game has talking guns and other features that allow you to enjoy weaponry at each stage. The high-life game is also available in mobile versions.

2. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

If you are a Crisis Core fan, this Final Fantasy VII version will excite you as much as the previous versions. This game is about Zack Fair, a young soldier on his journey searching for a renegade soldier named Genesis. 

The game has high-definition graphics and a Revamped firepower. And these models offer a chance for gamers to enjoy the game. Further, it provides both English and Japanese subtitles or dialogue options. 

The designer built this game for a universal audience. So, they used the RPG design to make the graphics more effective than the previous versions. 

3. One Piece Odyssey

The One-piece Odyssey is a new role-playing video game based on the famous Shonen jump manga. The game also has references taken from other animation-based franchises. It is a basic combat game that allows you to control many members. 

This game is suitable for a group to play with a captain in the lead. It focuses on exploring a new island filled with Monsters and mighty Supernatural forces that might take you by surprise. This new game is RPG based and is a better version for new gamers.

4. Persona 3: Portable

Persona 3 is a perfect remake of the PlayStation Portable game and focuses on the dark hour. Here most people turn themselves into coffins during their sleep. Persona 3 contains some hideous abominations named Shadows. 

It allows you to maintain your physical form and explore the world with advanced and new features. Ides improved graphics by adjusting difficulty levels. They remastered this game to suit modern consoles and meet the user’s requirements.

5. Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster hunter’s rise game has gained immense popularity in recent years. Recently the company decided to release the gaming version to suit the Xbox consoles. This game is about defending the village of Kamura from catastrophic events, monsters, and natural phenomena. 

The gamer must play in groups and accumulate the required weapons for safety. It also includes other features that sharpen your hunting skills and wirebug transverse. 

This version is better than the previous models with advanced clarity. So get prepared to defend your village from gravity-defying Monsters.

6. Dead Space Remake

Dead Space remake is one of the Classic survival horror games. The designers have revamped it to meet the requirements of Xbox One. Releasing in 2023, this game focuses on Isaac Clark, an engineer sent to repair a spaceship invested with alien life forms. 

Infested with alien life forms, the player must destroy the aliens and dismember them into pieces for victory. Here some scenes are gruesome. But the designers still made the gameplay enjoyable with the new weapons. This new game is based upon the original game with some added features that promises excitement and HD graphics.


Most companies introduced these games to attract gamers with new features and levels. Even though some games are available in mobile versions, it is still better when played using an Xbox One console large screen. So, if you’re wondering, “Is Xbox still making games for Xbox One?” The answer is yes.

We suggest you download these to enjoy your experience with an advanced gaming system. Additionally, use VPN to secure your internet connectivity while playing these games.

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