Gaming Technology Trends in 2024

We are living in a time of unbelievable technological development – and the innovation in video gaming has seen a huge leap forward in the last few decades. Bolstered by the emergence of the internet, gaming is one area where innovation in other sectors makes a mark; taking in the best ideas from movies, from music and including things like AI to make each game more immersive and impressive than the last. 

This isn’t just about the development of console and PC titles like Grand Theft Auto or Baldur’s Gate – it includes mobile gaming on smartphones, playing blackjack in online casinos, and even the revival of some of our favorite retro titles. 

With all this in mind, what are some of the trends that we are going to see in video games as we head through 2024?

AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are still considered to be in their infancy; we appear to be some distance away technologically from the holodeck in Star Trek that seems to be the epitome of the virtual reality idea.

However, Augmented Reality (AR) at least seems to have had some attention, especially thanks to mobile gaming and titles like Pokémon Go! The ability to catch Pokémon using your mobile phone and seeing them overloaded in your local area in the way the game allows was a real selling point for the game. 

Virtual Reality is set to become a bit more mainstream as 2024 progresses, thanks mainly to the drop in initial costs for the headsets and controllers needed. The Oculus brand – one of the pioneers of VR – is now part of the Meta universe, so we can expect that to be an important part of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse dream. 


AI is a real contentious subject at the moment, with artists and creators of all kinds becoming increasingly concerned about the way AI scrapes data and information. However, when considered in gaming, AI has nothing but a positive impact in many ways. 

Generative AI is being hailed as one of the most important parts of many games, creating NPCs that can have useful and relevant conversations, acting and reacting based on player behavior. This makes playing more immersive and improves the experience, making it different every time you play. 

AI is also important in generating some of the stunning landscapes and backdrops that you see in the sweeping open world games. Set to create all the tiny details that make up the vistas you are seeing, AI allows the animators and creators to focus on the closer details that bring games to life.

Multiplayer Gaming

Since the pandemic, multiplayer gaming has grown faster than anyone might have expected – and that is because of the shift in stereotypes that has seen gaming as no longer a socially isolating pastime. Gamers are able to not only play together (both cooperatively and competitively), but they are also able to chat, build social networks and develop friendships. 

From the giant MMORPGs to the smaller online campaign games, it is almost expected as a gamer that you will have a group of likeminded friends to play various games online with, whether you are playing Fortnite or Dead by Daylight

Competitive eSports

News- Gaming Technology Trends in 2024

Another facet of the rise in multiplayer games is the popularity of eSports tournaments. Something that is likely to continue to grow into 2024 is the opportunity for the best players in the world to play professionally, getting paid to play through tournament wins and sponsorships from mainstream media and big spending companies like Red Bull. 

eSports is already offered as a scholarship option for some colleges in the US, and it is obvious that there will be a whole generation of gamers who will see a competitive career in eSports as a valid choice. 

Fitness Gaming

AI, VR, and the technological improvements of wearables means that gaming is moving towards a more comprehensive approach to playing – and that means that you can get your whole body involved in getting fitter. 

There are entire fitness suites aimed at gamers, utilizing tools like full body scans, AI fitness coaches, and even ‘gym-at-home’ cabinets that contain weights.

Attached to this is the VR world, where through a headset you can imagine that you are running the Boston Marathon or cycling up a mountain in Switzerland instead of working out in your bedroom. 

The Cloud

As games get bigger and more expensive, with sandbox exploration almost a given in titles these days, the Cloud becomes even more important. Storing games online rather than in your devices memory not only makes it easier to own multiple different games, but also improves the speed and performance of the game that you are playing. 

There have already been overtures in allowing for ‘game streaming;’ while these haven’t taken off as yet, it is suggested that the popularity of things like Xbox Game Pass should point to this being the future of gaming – a subscription service where all you will physically own is the relevant hardware. 

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