What Is Zeeroq Website: Information On Authenticity And Data Breach 2024

What Is Zeeroq Website? Let us read all the details about its legitimacy and other factors here.

The website Zeeroq is also trending in the United States and other parts of the world. Thus, everyone wants to know about Zeeroq and its operations. Here, we will talk about the Zeeroq website.

What is Zeeroq.com Breach?

The breach phrase is generally used when a website’s data has been leaked. In such cases, the data usually falls into the wrong hands. Thus, the word implies that the Zeeroq website recently had a data breach.

However, no details related to Zeeroq’s data breach are available online. Thus, deep information on this topic is unavailable. 

However, one source has claimed that Zeeroq experienced a data breach. They have fallen victim to this. And eventually, their data was leaked on the dark web. 

However, the source claims that the data breach happened in January 2023. It has been more than a year since the data breach. All the user’s data and sensitive information, such as passwords and emails, were leaked. 

The hacker’s identity is also known; the person is Chucky. Approximately 8.17 GB of data has been stolen from the website. Zeeroq never experienced any hacking before this incident.

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Zeeroq Breach 2024

The website’s data was breached in 2023. Since then, the website has yet to recover. The data stolen was never retrieved. The website is now unsecured. It also does not have a HTTPS connection.

Zeeroq website is accessible. However, no proper details are available on the website. On the website, an adequate purpose needs to be visible. 

Upon visiting the website, we noticed that it looks empty and duplicated. On the website, three significant options are presented. Those are related to traveling and tour packages. 

The next page opens blankly once a user clicks on the first option. However, another option redirects to another traveling and flight-related website. 

They have different types of details related to flights from various destinations are available. One Way Tour is the website to which the link is redirected. 

Some Details About The Website Zeeroq 

Here, we list a few of the technical details of the website. Do read all the points carefully:

  • Trust Score: The trust score is 62.9; however, the risk factor is present.
  • Website Creation Date: The website was created on 29th March 2008. It has been more than 15 years since the website has been made.
  • HTTPS connection: No valid connection is available.
  • Suspicious Website Probability: The website’s suspicious probability is 18 out of 100.
  • Expiry Date of the Website: It is 29th March 2024. 
  • Owner Details: Need to be provided.
  • Contact Details: Need to be provided.
  • Social Media Presence: No social media presence is there.

The website has been listed as suspicious. The primary risk factor is the data breach that happened in 2023. Since then, the website has yet to recover. It lost all the credibility and trust of the users. 

Details About Zeeroq 

The Zeeroq website is currently trending. However, this website does not provide any services. As a user opens the website, it appears blank and empty. 

As per reports, the website’s data was breached in January 2023. After the data breach, the website stopped working. The website’s domain will soon expire. 

As per sources, the data breach was done by a hacker known as Chucky. That person stole more than 8 GB amount of data. The data consisted of the user’s sensitive details. 

Additionally, the data was leaked on the dark web as well. It fell into the hands of the wrong people.

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