All the Main Tips for Quickly Leveling up in Final Fantasy

FF 14 is a transition of the cult single-player adventure game for consoles from the creators of Square Enix, first on PC, and then in the world of MMO RPG, where players can once again plunge into the world of adventures of Tifa and Cloud, but now play on their own unique character, who will integrated into the quest and grind system and by creating it once, you will see his avatar at all key moments and interact with other NPCs using it.

Partially, the storyline will even continue or complete some of the stories that have been going on for more than 20 years since the console versions, but most likely only ardent fans of the series will appreciate this, and the rest of the players will simply comprehend an interesting, colorful world with a great storyline, one of the most good community and many aspects of additional gameplay such as an amusement park, flights and other interesting mechanics.

You can level up on your own through a system of quests and grinds, repel FATE, go into raids of three bosses, or turn to the Skycoach service for help to get a boost to level 90 if you have an activated premium account.

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The most common format for gaining experience is the quest system, which literally takes the player by the hand and leads him through tasks, moving from one to another and rewarding him with experience, gil and primary equipment and weapons that will help you at the beginning of the development of the hero.

Story missions, according to the developers, will take at least 100 hours of real time, which will allow you to get a significant boost in World of Warcraft and prepare for new updates and end-game in terms of experience and primary equipment, which of course you will still have to improve and exchange yourself, but a start will be made.

In parallel with this, for the first time you will encounter grinding and its features and system of professions, which can be developed at your discretion, so that you can always craft armor or weapons for yourself in case you cannot get them in an alternative way, or want to earn additional gold.

Keep in mind that in addition to the main quests, you will also find secondary – optional tasks from local NPCs, which can be completed for additional experience, gil and resources of various types of value.

This is a good source of boosting in FF 14, because such quests can be perfectly combined with the storyline and hunting and get more experience in one game session.

The most profitable format is quests in which you need to accumulate quest items without a specific amount to complete it, and the more items you collect, the more rewards and experience you can get.


You can choose the hunting format in locations to get leveling in Final Fantasy 14 by simply destroying monsters in large numbers.

You need to attack enemies who wander around the location alone, or gather them in groups and inflict heavy damage on them – it all depends on your class and combat capabilities.

If possible, you can get together in a group with other players and grind together, gathering enemies into large squads and destroying them with mass skills. To do this, the group must have a tank to provoke and hold monsters, a healer to protect the group and several attacking heroes, preferably with mass skills, or single ones, but with quick killing of monsters, then you do not need to gather enemies in a group, and it is enough just for each player beat his monsters in different parts of the map, but close to each other, so that the experience would go to all group members.


Each player, if desired, can gain additional experience and gil from repelling the attack of special monsters, which is called FATE. It takes place in a random location and consists of the sudden appearance of a large number of monsters that will be strengthened and have a lot of experience and gil in their reserves.

If you react quickly and fly to the location, you can get FF leveling 14 and gil for killing, or at least dealing damage to monsters.

The competition will be great, and you need to act quickly – rush into the location and inflict as much damage as possible on all the enemies you can reach.

The ideal format is if you arrive as part of a group, or find one while completing FATE, because many players are guaranteed to do more damage and kill more monsters than single players.

When all monsters are destroyed, the event will be completed.

If you are a support with poor damage and do not have a permanent group, it is easier for you to simply ignore this event and continue to get boosted into Final Fantasy 14 through the quest system, or grind.


Final Fantasy has an interesting raid system. On the one hand, these are classic dungeons with a boss and retinue, where you can get a lot of cheap boosting in Final Fantasy and unique rewards and drops.

The uniqueness lies in the fact that to clear a raid you need to destroy not one boss, but three, where each enemy will have unique skills and tactics that you need to be able to understand and resist in order to defeat them and gain additional experience and valuable items that will strengthen your hero.

Raids will be divided into difficulty levels, but still retain the concept of three bosses that must be destroyed in order to win.

These will be similar zones and raids, but the bosses will be stronger and more durable, and will have more valuable rewards in their drop list.

You need to study all the attacks and special skills of the bosses in advance in order to understand when the enemy begins to cast dangerous skills and be able to counter them, because such abilities can ruin the entire raid for the group, but as the difficulty level increases, the ease of recognizing these skills also changes, and you need to learn to identify them in advance.

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