What Do Discord Loot Boxes Do: How Do You Use Dank Memer Loot Boxes? Read Here

This article on What Do Discord Loot Boxes Do will give all the crucial details about the newly launched Loot Box by discord.

Have you heard about Loot Boxes? Do you play Dank Memer? Dank Memer is a popular game in which you can earn currency. 

If you are a regular player of this game, then you might be aware of the loot boxes. Loot boxes are one of the items in the Dank Memer game. Loot boxes help players Worldwide gain rewards that help them to play the game with extra items. 

The discord loot boxes are exciting items for many of the players. Since they are launched many of the users are looking for the procedure to use it, so here you will get all the details.

Discord Loot Boxes Reddit

Discord loot box is an item in the popular game Dank Memer. Dank Memer is a well-known game, that allows players to earn currency in the game.

 It is a text-based game that provides mene features, image manipulation, and several other features. The loot box is one of the popular items in this game.

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 Loot boxes help players to redeem rewards which they can use in the game itself. The loot boxes include gems that help the users to enhance hunting. You can obtain the loot boxes by claiming quests and daily votes.

 There are multiple loot boxes and you can open a maximum hundred boxes at a time. Fabled loot boxes are also available and players have a hundred percent chance to get Fabled gems.

Discord Loot Boxes Reddit
Discord Loot Boxes Reddit

How Do You Use Dank Memer Loot Boxes?

The gems can be obtained through loot boxes. You can not get gems or loot boxes from shops as there is no currency available for purchasing these items.

 To use the Dank memer loot boxes you have to unlock the items. For example, A Danl box can be obtained by unlocking a box. You can purchase the box box from market offers or the web stores. To open the loot box on Discord you can acknowledge the following process:

  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a user settings icon. Click on this icon. 
  • Go to the user setting section under the clip, and a loot boxes tab will appear. Click on this tab.
  • If you are unable to find this option then you have to restart the discord. 

Through the steps given above you can get the loot box and can avail various features through it.

What is the use of Loot boxes?

Loot boxes are available in several games which allows players to grab some exciting rewards. Each loot box has a different reward that allows players to unlock various amazing features in the game. 

There are different types of loot boxes available in the Dank Memer game. The discord launched the loot box on April’s Fool Day which falls on 1st April. 

You can also access the loot box inventory. The loot box inventory shows the reward you have earned till now. If you want to see the loot stats, you can see it above the inventory. The loot stats show how many rewards you and the community have opened. The information regarding loot boxes is taken from different trusted online websites. 

Summing up Loot Boxes

The loot boxes launched by the discord are available in the Dank Memer game. The loot boxes have multiple benefits to the players. You can get the loot boxes through the steps we have mentioned in this article. You can visit this link to learn more details on Loot Boxes.

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