Seçim Sonuçları Twitter: Find Full Information On Hatay Yerel

This article is on Seçim Sonuçları Twitter, the local election of Turkey 2024. Please read all the details carefully and understand them better.

Local elections in Türkiye are ongoing; thus, the election results are a trending topic. People from Cyprus, Germany, and the United Kingdom are also trying to know the results. 

Seçim Sonuçları Anka 

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. It is also known as Angora or Ancyra. People want to know the results of the local election in Ankara. Thus, the keyword is trending.

However, instead of Ankara, the keyword has mistakenly mentioned the city’s name as ‘Anka.’ But there is no need to get confused because the city’s name is Ankara. 

Local Elections were held on 31st March 2024. The results will be announced shortly, as around 99% of ballot boxes have opened. There are a total number of 4,304,874 voters in the region. 

The total number of votes cast is 3,414,453. The percentage of votes cast was 79.31%. Out of which 3,305,357 were considered valid votes. 

The candidate Mansur Yavas from the party CHP is the leading candidate. He is leading with a vote percentage of 60.35%. The second leading candidate is Turgut Altinok from the AK party. Turgut received 31.69% votes. 

Thus, the CHP party is the leading party in the local election 2024. This election will ascertain the Mayor of the province. 

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Hatay Yerel Seçim Sonuçları         

The result of Hatay City’s local election is also out. In the region, the AK party’s candidate won the election. His name is Mehmet Onturk, and he received 44.47% of the votes out of the total valid votes cast.  

In second place is the CHP party and its candidate, Lutfu Savas, with 43.97% votes. The Ak and CHP parties are the two most significant parties in the local election of 2024. 

The region has 1,078,130 voters, and the total number of votes cast is 816,665. The valid ballots are 777,743. The participation percentage is 75.75%.

Total number of ballot boxes opened are 3,426. The votes for this province were cast on 31st March 2024. 

Hatay Yerel Seçim Sonuçları 
Hatay Yerel Seçim Sonuçları

Results of Local Elections Across Turkey 

In Turkey, the Mayoral elections were held on 31st March 2024. Counting votes has been almost completed in all the regions across the country. 

As per their official portals, 99.82% of ballot boxes are opened. The two parties, AK and CHP, have the highest voter numbers. 

CHP received 37.74% of the votes and was the leading party. The second leading party is Ak, with 35.49% of the votes. There is only a 2% difference between the two parties. 

A few other parties with their vote percentage are the Good Party with 3.77%, the MHP party with 4.98%, the Re-Welfare Party with 6.19% and the DEM Party with 5.68% of votes. 

There is also a category of other parties. These parties are regional and tiny. The percentage of votes shared among these parties is 5.90%. 

More Details About Local Elections Turkey 2024

The total number of voters across Turkey is 61,430,934. The number of votes cast across the country is 48,153,788. The participation percentage is 78.38%.

However, 2,192,577 votes were invalid. Thus, the number of valid votes was 45,961,211. The data for local election 2024 provided in this article is updated data. 

In major cities such as Ankara, Mansur Yavas was the leading candidate from the CHP party with 60.35% of the votes. Here, the second leading candidate is from the Ak party. 

In the Hatay region, Mehmet Onturk is the leading candidate from the AK party. He received 44.47% of the votes. The second leading party in this region is the CHP party. 

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