What Can You Do With Delta-8 Flower?

When you buy pre-made CBD products like pre-rolls, gummies, and vape oil, you’re given instructions by the manufacturer or supplier for what to do with them. There are no misconceptions about what the products are for and how to use them. You can smoke pre-rolls, eat gummies, and vape the oil. 

However, Delta-8 flower is often a different story. You can purchase a dried bud from your local supplier, and the sky’s the limit for what you do with it. Whether you’re new to Delta-8 flower or want to get creative, you might like to prepare it and use it in some of the following ways: 

Pack It and Smoke It

After purchasing CBD flower from businesses like Secret Nature CBD, you might be looking for a fast and effortless way to enjoy it. Packing it into a bowl and smoking it with a smoking device, such as a pipe, might satisfy that requirement. 

Simply break down the flower, pack it into the bowl, light it, and smoke it through your pipe or device’s mouthpiece. Rather than breaking the flower down by hand, you might also consider purchasing a herb grinder and grinding the bud quickly and easily. 

Use a Dry Herb Vaping Device

Cannabis product manufacturers are starting to get creative with the products they produce for CBD users. Rather than smoking your CBD flower in a pipe, you can purchase a dry herb vaping device that lets you vape your flower. 

You need to purchase a dry vape, assemble it, and place your flower in the tip before attaching the supplied cap. The final step involves holding your lighter near your vape device’s cap, making sure to heat the middle of the cap rather than the end. Rotate your device as you heat it to heat your flower evenly and enjoy the effects. 

Roll a Joint

While you might not be the most skilled joint roller, a joint is one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD flower. Take a rolling paper and position it so the sticky side is facing you. Sprinkle about half a gram to a full gram of broken-down CBD flower into the paper and add your filter to one end. You can then use your index finger and thumb to shape the joint before rolling the flower back and forth in the paper to form a tight cone. 

Once the CBD flower is evenly distributed, roll the unglued side of the paper over the flower before tucking it under the sticky side and licking it to seal the joint. Twist the end to ensure a complete seal. If you struggle to roll the perfect joint, you can also buy pre-rolled joints. Both pre-rolled and home-rolled joints might provide benefits like pain relief

Make Edibles

If you fancy getting creative with CBD flower, use it to make edibles. Cure and heat your CBD flower in the oven to activate the CBD before using it in baking or to make CBD coconut oil or butter. You can then produce various delicious goods like candy, cookies, and brownies. 

Purchasing CBD flower in its raw form might seem inconvenient, but it’s also among the most versatile CBD products on the market. Smoke it in a pipe, roll it into a joint, vape it, or create edibles; the choice is yours.

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