[Updated] Tess Antonio Husband: Who Is Tess Antonio? Also Explore Her Full Wikipedia Details Along With Child, Age, And Partner

This research on Tess Antonio Husband will guide the audience on the marital status of Tess Antonio. So, please read this post.

Is Tess Antonio single or married? This prominent figure has been one of the most versatile actresses in the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and Canada. People want to know about Tess Antonio Husband and her life updates to know about their favorite actress in-depth. In this article, our team has done all the research to inform the audience about the personal life details of Tess Antonio. So, keep reading this post. 

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Who is the life partner of Tess Antonio? 

Tess is a Filipino famous actress. People are keen to know about the marital status of Tess Antonio as she had never revealed her love life much to her fans. As per reports, Tess Antonio is not dating anyone currently. Neither this lady is married to anyone nor she has any boyfriend. Currently, she is single.

Wikipedia Details Of Tess Antonio! 

Tess Antonio was born in Quezon City on November 11, 1978. Her mother’s name has been denoted as Mrs. Antonio online while her father’s name is Reynaldo Antonio. The occupation of her parents has not been mentioned online. This 44-year-old lady has become a prominent figure after her roles in different shows and films like Love Spell, Wildflower, Ang Probinsyano, and many other series that have changed her life. She is still taking up many projects and entertaining her fans with her bold looks and amazing acting skills. Being a renowned figure, she remains active on social media too.

Her Biography is not limited to her work life, but it also includes her personal life. However, she had been very private about her personal life. So, she had not shared many details on the same.

DISCLAIMER: We have taken the facts on Tess Antonio from online sites. The lady had not disclosed much about her personal life. However, the information shared on other online sites is uploaded by authentic sources. So, one can rely on the details. Also, we do not want to disturb anyone’s personal space. These details are provided just to solve the queries of the customers. 

Is Tess Antonio dating anyone? 

The personal life of Tess Antonio and the name of her Partner has always been a mystery to her fans. She had never shared anything about her husband and love life. However, no online sources revealed as if she is dating anyone. 


Summing up this post here, our team has given all the mandatory details on the life of Tess Antonio. We hope that the doubts of our readers are cleared here. Once the details of her love life will be available, we will update the readers.

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Child Of Tess Antonio: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Tess Antonio? 

Ans. Tess Antonio is a Filipino actress who is known for her roles in Love Spell, Wildflower, etc. 

Q2. When was Tess Antonio born? 

Ans. She was born on November 11, 1978. 

Q3. Is Tess Antonio married to anyone?

Ans. According to online sources, Tess Antonio is currently single and did not marry anyone.

Q4. Does Tess Antonio have any children?

Ans. As per online sources, she did not have any children.

Q5. Where was Tess Antonio born?

Ans. As per social media sites, she was born in Quezon City.

Q6. What is the Age of Tess Antonio?

Ans. She is forty-four years old.

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